How to sort an array of dates in descending order

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Sort the array by puting NO is ascending parameter:

NSSortDescriptor *descriptor=[[NSSortDescriptor alloc] initWithKey:@"self" ascending:NO];
NSArray *descriptors=[NSArray arrayWithObject: descriptor];
NSArray *reverseOrder=[dateArray sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:descriptors];

You can use a comparator block

NSArray *sortedArray = [array sortedArrayUsingComparator: ^(NSDate *d1, NSDate *d2) {
    return [d1 compare:d2];

to reverse the order, just swap the dates

NSArray *sortedArray = [array sortedArrayUsingComparator: ^(NSDate *d1, NSDate *d2) {
    return [d2 compare:d1];

or — as compare: returns a NSComparisonResult, which is actually typedef’ed to integer see below — just multiply by -1

NSArray *sortedArray = [array sortedArrayUsingComparator: ^(NSDate *d1, NSDate *d2) {
    return -1* [d1 compare:d2];

enum {
   NSOrderedAscending = -1,
typedef NSInteger NSComparisonResult;

I’d use the built-in reverseObjectEnumerator method of NSArray

startimeArray = [startimeArray sortUsingSelector:@selector(compare:)];
startimeArray = [[startimeArray reverseObjectEnumerator] allObjects];

It’s useful when you need the array sorted in ascending and descending order, so you can easily go back to the previous sort.

There is the swift solution for the checked solution :

let sortedArray = randomArray.sortedArrayUsingComparator { (d1, d2) -> NSComparisonResult in
    return (d1 as! NSDate).compare(d2 as! NSDate)

In the Class where the Array elements are being initialized.

-(NSComparisonResult) compareArray: (id) element {
    Return [ArrayElement compare: [element ArrayElement]];

-(NSComparisonResult) compareArrayReverse: (id) element {
    Return [[element ArrayElement] compare: ArrayElement];

Then in the Class where your startimeArray is initialized:

@synthesize ArrayName;

-(void) sort: (BOOL) sel {
    if (sel) {
        [ArrayName sortUsingSelector: @selector(compareArray:)];
    } else {
        [ArrayName sortUsingSelector: @selector(compareArrayReverse:)];

Then in the main():

// Sort the array. sort = TRUE - ascending order, sort = FALSE - descending order.

[startimeArray sort: FALSE];

Swift 3.0

For anyone using swift 3.0 this DateHelper will save u some headache.

   filteredLogs.sort(by: {
        let firstElement = $0.timeStamp! as Date
        let secondElement = $1.timeStamp! as Date
        return secondElement))

The above code is a snippet from one of my projects. It uses the helper class to sort my logs with most recent dates at the left of the array. The $ sign is a positional parameter