How to style uitableview to create pretty menu

I’ve been working on app, that has side-menu. I’ve been inspired by other apps, and I want my menu to look similar to theirs. Here are some examples (steam app menu, fb menu)
FB MenuSteam Menu

Basically my question is, what kind of outlets are used in this menu? My first thought was, that those are tableviews with sections and static cells. However, even if they are tableviews, I’ve got no idea how to style my tableview that way. All I came up with, was this crappy design 😀
My menu

I would be very glad, if someone could show me right way 🙂 Thank you guys

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You look on the right path. Unfortunately it is simply down to design aspects and the assets you use.

This project recreates the menu in a very similar way to Facebook’s.

There are alot of similar open source controls available.

Please check the below links:

  1. SASlidemenu
  2. JWSlidemenu
  3. CHSlidecontroller
  4. NVSlidemenucontroller
  5. DDMenucontroller