How to use HTTP Live Streaming protocol in iPhone SDK 3.0

I have developed on IPhone application and submitted to App store. But my application got rejected based on below criteria.

Thank you for submitting your yyyyyyyy
application. We have reviewed your
application and have determined that
it cannot be posted to the App Store
at this time because it is not using
the HTTP Live Streaming protocol to
broadcast streaming video. HTTP Live
Streaming is required when streaming
video feeds over the cellular network,
in order to have an optimal user
experience and utilize cellular best
practices. This protocol automatically
determines bandwidth available to
users and adjusts the bandwidth
appropriately, even as bandwidth
streams change. This allows you the
flexibility to have as many streams as
you like, as long as 64 kbps is set as
the baseline feed.

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  • In my apps I have to stream prerecorded m4v and mp3 files from my server. I used MPMoviePlayerController to stream and play those videos / audio.

    How to implement the HTTP Live Streaming Protocol in my apps? Also can I get some sample code?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are many documents about Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming:

    • HTTP Live Streaming Overview
    • IETF HTTP Live Streaming Internet-Draft

    There are many encoder devices claim to support this protocol e.g.,

    • Inlet’s Spinnaker, acquired by Cisco and renamed to Cisco Media Processor Family.

    For a software solution, please give a visit to Wowza

    Please check the below notes specified in apple documentation.

    ****Important: iPhone and iPad apps that send large amounts of audio or video data over cellular networks are required to use HTTP Live Streaming.****