How to use Media Segmenter for split video?

I have read many documents still very confused about HTTP Live Streaming.
But i am still trying for solution.. and i have convert my video in .ts format with ffmpeg.

Now i know that i have to split my video and have to create playlist with the use of mediasegmenter.
But i don’t know where is mediasegmenter and how to use it to split video.
I am very new to this so sorry for this silly Question..

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  • Any help would be appreciated..!!
    Thanks in advance..!!

    2 Solutions Collect From Internet About “How to use Media Segmenter for split video?”

    Here: 35703_streamingtools_beta.dmg or go to and search for “HTTP Live Streaming”, or download from Usage:

    mediafilesegmenter -t 10 myvideo-iphone.ts

    This will generate one .ts file for each 10 seconds of the video plus a .m3u8 file pointing to all of them.

    If you use FFMpeg, it’s very easy to split files with it.
    Don’t use Media Segmenter.
    Simply write something like this:

    ffmpeg.exe -i YourFile.mp4 -ss 00:10:00 -t 00:05:00 OutFile.mp4

    where -ss 00:10:00 is time offset , -t 00:05:00 is duration of OutFile.mp4.
    This will create OutFile.mp4 which contains 5 minute video(-t 00:05:00) of YourFile.mp4
    (from 00:10:00 to 00:15:00 of YourFile.mp4).
    Useful ?)

    And also you can create .ASX playlist which is able to cast streams and is very simple.