How to Using ASIHTTPRequest to tracking Upload/Download progress

I got some question is using ASIHTTPRequest to tracking Upload/Download progress

This is the sample from ASIHTTPRequest website

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  • ASIHTTPRequest *request = [ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:url];
    [request setDownloadProgressDelegate:myProgressIndicator];
    [request startSynchronous];
    NSLog(@"Max: %f, Value: %f", [myProgressIndicator maxValue],[myProgressIndicator doubleValue]

    It says :myProgressIndicator is an NSProgressIndicator.

    But it looks like Apple deprecated NSProgressIndicator

    Check Here

    So … how can I know the Upload/Download progress ???

    Also another question is …if the Upload/Download was terminated before the task finish

    How can I let the Upload/Download task continues start from the stop point(break point?) ?

    Many thanks ~

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    As the documentation says, the delegate can also be an UIProgressView in case of iphone/ipad:

    Each ASIHTTPRequest has two delegates
    that can be used for tracking progress
    – downloadProgressDelegate (for downloads) and uploadProgressDelegate
    (for uploads).

    Progress delegates can be
    NSProgressIndicators (Mac OS X) or
    UIProgressViews (iPhone).
    ASIHTTPRequest will automatically
    cater for the differences in the
    behaviour of these two classes. If you
    want, you can also use a custom class
    as a progress delegate, as long as it
    responds to setProgress:.

    • If you are performing a single
      request, you set an upload and/or
      download progress delegate on that
    • If you are performing multiple
      requests in a queue, and you want to
      track overall progress for all
      requests in the queue, use a
      ASINetworkQueue and set the progress
      delegate of the queue
    • If you want to
      do both of these at the same time,
      this is possible too (as of v0.97)


    Only certain methods of NSProgressView are deprecated. Specifically -animate, -animationDelay, and -setAnimationDelay. They changed how you use the class, they didn’t deprecate the whole class.

    Also, with the tags you chose for your question, you probably want UIProgressView, which is the iPhone version.