iBook page flip transaction

I’m trying recreate iBook like transition for pages in landscape mode for an pdf reader app. I only need the animation, not the, touch handling like iBook app; the user with a simple swipe turn the page. I have tried different sample code, including Leaves, but I can’t find anything simple.
Can Anyone help me to create this simple animation, or there’s a simple way to recreate iBook transition?

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Ole Begemann has done something like this. You can find the project here on GitHub.

Ole also writes a superb blog summary of some of the best developer links and tutorials around. Well worth subscribing to!

Look at the UIView documentation for animation types available. Here is what I’d use:

UIViewAnimationOptions animation;
if (pageNumberLower) {
    animation = UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionCurlDown;
} else {
    animation = UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionCurlUp;

[UIView transitionWithView:myChangingView
                animations:^{ CHANGE PAGE HERE }

There aren’t many options. There is a similar question here, check it:

Turn a page like a Book with UIView?