IKImageView and scroll bars

I’m trying to use the IKImageViewDemo provided by apple (http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/samplecode/IKImageViewDemo/index.html) and I’m trying to add scrollbars to it. I’ve tried two things:

1) embedding the IKImageView in a ScrollView. This had all sorts of weird effects, like the image was no longer located where it should have been, and the scrollbars seemed to be in a fixed place, no matter how big the window was (So I could shrink the window and lose the scrollbars, even though the scrollview was set to resize with the window)

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  • 2) I added [_imageView setHasHorizontalScrollers: YES] (and vertical) into the code in the openImageURL method. This appears to have done nothing.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    Additionally: Why does

    NSLog(@"scrollbar? H %d V %d hide %d", 
    _imageView.hasHorizontalScroller = YES;
    _imageView.hasVerticalScroller = YES;
    _imageView.autohidesScrollers = YES;
    NSLog(@"scrollbar? H %d V %d hide %d", 

    give me:

    scrollbar? H 0 V 0 hide 0
    scrollbar? H 0 V 0 hide 0


    Additionally additionally:

    Equivalently why does:

     BOOL b = _imageView.autohidesScrollers = YES;
     NSLog (@"b %d scrollers %d", b, _imageView.autohidesScrollers);

    print b 1 scrollers 0 ?

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    One thing that may have been catching you up in IKImageViewDemo was that the image was zoomed to fit in the windowDidResize: method ([_imageView zoomImageToFit: self]).

    Embedding the IKImageView in a NSScrollView is the right thing to do. In order to get the scrollbars to follow the window as you resize it, you need to adjust the springs and struts (== autoresizing mask) in Interface Builder.

    Addendum: As you’ve noticed, there is a bug in Mac OS X 10.6 that causes this not to work properly. You can work around the problem by subclassing the NSScrollView as follows:

    @interface IKImageClipView : NSClipView
    - (NSRect)docRect;
    @implementation ScrollViewWorkaround
    - (void)reflectScrolledClipView:(NSClipView *)cView;
        NSView *_imageView = [self documentView];
        [super reflectScrolledClipView:cView];
        if ([_imageView isKindOfClass:[IKImageView class]] &&
             [[self contentView] isKindOfClass:[IKImageClipView class]] &&
             [[self contentView] respondsToSelector:@selector(docRect)]) {
            NSSize docSize = [(IKImageClipView *)[self contentView] docRect].size;
            NSSize scrollViewSize = [self contentSize];
            // NSLog(@"doc %@ scrollView %@", NSStringFromSize(docSize), NSStringFromSize(scrollViewSize));
            if (docSize.height > scrollViewSize.height || docSize.width > scrollViewSize.width)
             ((IKImageView *)_imageView).autohidesScrollers = NO;
             ((IKImageView *)_imageView).autohidesScrollers = YES;

    Try this out:


    It’s a version of IKImageViewDemo with scroll bars and the above workaround.