i'm still getting the “The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.” error

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Remove the Entitlements.plist from your project and then try cleaning and building your project.

It is because the distribution provisioning profile which you might have added to code signing has invalidated or expired.

Hope this helps you.

After installing xCode 4 I had this problem this morning with an iPhone running 4.2.1 that I had last worked with well before I did the xCode upgrade.

After fumbling a bit I got the error to go away by clicking the refresh button for the device in the Organizer – Devices.

Go to Devices in the Organizer, then select Provisioning Profiles, then select the device and click the Device Provisioning Refresh button at the bottom of the page.

Worked for me.

Sometimes even if you add Entitlements.plist file you could receive the same error message.

Get your device’s unique id number. Then open the provisioning file that you created for your project in Text Edit and check for your device Id in it. If it is not found, then this could be one problem for receiving the error message.

When you submitted to AppStore, you changed Code Signing values, so now if you want to continue developing, you have to change them back.

The following steps fixed it for me:
– Click on your project name under PROJECT (just above TARGETS)
– Select the tab Build Settings
– In the section Code Signing change the values for Debug and for Release to be “iPhone Developer” instead of “iPhone Distribution”

I have exact error when I open a project written on different machine with different profile.

So here is how I fix it: Assume that my profile is DevelopmentProfile.mobileprovision, I copy that file to a directory, and run this command:

security cms -D -i DevelopmentProfile.mobileprovision | grep -A12 "Entitlements"

Then I copy the output XML and paste it in a file called Entitlements.plist, put it under the project’s directory.

Then in Build Settings/Code Signing, you can select the signing identity correspondent to the DevelopmentProfile.mobileprovision.

This should solve the problem.