Images not showing up when architecture set to 64 bit

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Answer lies here:

I found the reason. In a viewController, which was not yet allocated, but included in the app, there was following implemented (in the .m-file above implementation viewController):

@implementation UIImageView (UIScrollView)
- (void)setAlpha:(float)alpha {
..........(no difference if here is some code or not) ...............
  [super setAlpha:alpha];

Putting above in comment solved the problem, even though the button which didn’t display the image wasn’t in a scrollview.

Update the Data structure used in code according to 64 bits for example replace Float with CGFloat,(if not working Than also change int type with NSInteger)
see here for more information

In my case replace Float with CGFloat and solve my problem (simplest way to replace float to CGFloat )

#define float CGFloat

Write in .pch file and check it working or not.

It fixed my issue to change

- (void)setAlpha:(float)alpha {


- (void) setAlpha:(CGFloat)alpha {