Implementing Periodic Location Updates in iOS even if app gets terminated

My application requires periodic location updates (every 10 minutes). In foreground and background (app not terminated) the application is working correctly. But the problem starts to occur when the app is terminated by the user.

I tried using this tutorial .
It works only when user’s location is changing because of startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges. But I need locations in terminated state even if user is not changing its location.

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  • Also, I have tried most of the stackoverflow questions but most of them gets satisfied with startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges. But in my case it won’t be enough to fulfil the application needs.

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    If a user terminates the app the system no longer grants it the same privileges. Background fetch operations and background location will not get executed until the user decides to start up your app again. The system recognizes this a user choice to not have this app running in any way again.

    This isn’t like the world of Android where an app can do as it pleases. Apple prefers user choice over what an app developer wants. This is of course good and bad as a developer. You need to provide the user with useful information about what your app is doing in the background so that they will allow it to run without terminating it. If they do terminate it, there is nothing that you can do.