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There is an interesting library in Github that allows run pods in Playground.It’s still so young but it’s very good. It’s create a new project with the pod or pods installed and ready to test in the Playground.

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I tested with your library and works fine:

//: Please build the scheme 'KannaPlayground' first
import XCPlayground
XCPlaygroundPage.currentPage.needsIndefiniteExecution = true

import Kanna

let html = "<html><a>Hello World</a></html>"

if let doc = Kanna.HTML(html: html, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding) {

  // Search for nodes by CSS
  for link in doc.css("a, link") {

  // Search for nodes by XPath
  for link in doc.xpath("//a | //link") {

I hope this help you.

@slabko (and others). In order to get this working:

I found this from cocoapods github issues.

Manually add the pod frameworks via Link Binary With Libraries on the non-framework target.
Couple other caveats to keep in mind:

Classes or protocols defined in the pod that need to be accessible in the playground, must be marked public.
When dealing with a pod you’ve created, adding a playground directly to your framework’s project will probably not allow importing the pod. One workaround is to create a “sample” project, include the pod and add your playground to that (then manually add frameworks per above ^). for reference if you want to know more

thanks to @davidbjames