importing a project into a remote SVN server in XCode 5

Previously in XCode 4, in the Organizer screen, in the Repositories section, there was an option (import) to import a project into an SVN server, this option is now disabled in Xcode 5’s Source Control menu although the repository is added in the Accounts section in XCode’s preferences.
how can I use this import feature with Xcode 5 to import my project into the remote SVN server ?

thanks in advance.

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  • P.S. I don’t want to import the project manually on the SVN Server, because I faced problems with the manual import, and I also don’t want to solve this problem by paying $20 to purchase and install the OSX Server product which is supposed to solve this problem by running the OSX Service on the SVN server machine.

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    Follow the same process from this answer:


    Checkout empty trunk to a folder let say : /local/

    copy all codes (Xcode project) to /local/

    Open Xcode project from /local

    Now you are able to commit everything.

    PS. There is no import functionality (like what you want) in Xcode 5.