In Xcode4, the new interface builder says “no selection”

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There seems to be a bug in Attributes Inspector in Xcode 4. When this happens to me I usually do this:

  • Switch to another (non IB) file in the current tab
  • Launch a new Tab (cmd T)
  • Open the original IB file in this new tab

The Attributes Inspector will magically show in the new tab.

I just had to close the assistant editor and the debug area and then it magically showed up. If you don’t have the assistant editor open then all you need to do is open it, then close it again. That should fix it too.

If you don’t know what the assistant editor is I have highlighted it in red:

Assistant editor in red

Xcode 7.2

enter image description here

Do you open the inspector window by clicking the 3 button in the views group? Once you do that the attribute inspector is shown on the left and you can now open the nib files and select any gui element.

Does it work if you click the GUI element after making the attributes inspector visible?