install mobileprovision file – Xcode 6

I know this is simple, but I’ve read through all the questions and there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer to this.

I’ve created an appID. I’ve created a mobileprovision file, downloaded it and double clicked it and that all seems fine. (I have xcode 6)

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  • I wan’t to select my distribution profile in Code Signing Identity in the build. But all my certificates are grayed out:
    (No cretificate found)[check profile]. – check profile is the name of my mobileprovision file.

    How do I get this profile though to show up in XCode? and where would it show up?

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    Full description is here:

    Set the project level code signing build settings to their defaults:
    Navigate to the Project > Build Settings tab.
    Set the Provisioning Profile build setting to Automatic for all build configurations.
    Set the Code Signing Identity build setting:
    Set to iOS Developer for all build configurations in iOS projects.
    Set to Mac Developer or Developer ID, as appropriate, for all build configurations in OS X projects.