“Invalid predicate: nil RHS” for second argument in NSPredicate format

This is my NSPredicate:

let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "student.schoolClass.id = %d AND (book.title CONTAINS[cd] %@ OR student.username CONTAINS[cd] %@)", currentSchoolClass.id, searchTextField.text!, searchTextField.text!)

The next thing I do is:

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  • fetchedResultsController.fetchRequest.predicate = predicate
    try! fetchedResultsController.performFetch() //here is the crash

    The console output is:

    student.schoolClass.id == 1 AND (book.title CONTAINS[cd] nil OR student.username CONTAINS[cd] "j")

    And crash info is:

    CRASH: Invalid predicate: nil RHS

    Isn’t it weird?

    2 Solutions Collect From Internet About ““Invalid predicate: nil RHS” for second argument in NSPredicate format”

    On all current iOS and OS X platforms, the C int is a 32-bit integer,
    and that is what the %d format expects on the variable argument list.
    If you pass a 64-bit integer then reading the next variable argument
    will read the extra 4 zero bytes.

    The following table shows which format is for which integer type:

      Format   C type          Swift type
      %d       int             Int32
      %ld      long int        Int
      %lld     long long int   Int64

    and similarly for the unsigned types.

    Alternatively, convert the integer to a NSNumber object and use
    the %@ format, this works
    for integers of all sizes. Example:

    let value = 1234
    let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "value = %@", value as NSNumber)

    You’re inserting nil as there is nothing in searchTextField.

    So that only it will shows as nil in predicate.

    Check the value in the textfield.

    Hope it helps..