iOS 6 auto rotation issue – supportedInterfaceOrientations return value not respected

I’ve got an app where I have a UINavigationController subclass as my rootViewController. I’ve got a UITableViewController that lets the user edit some settings, it should always be in portrait mode. My app also needs to support all other orientations after I push a MoviePlayer component onto the navigation controller.

The UITableViewController subclass has this implementation of supportedInterfaceOrientations:

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  • - (NSUInteger)supportedInterfaceOrientations {
        return UIInterfaceOrientationMaskPortrait;

    The logging command tells me that this gets actually called.

    The problem is that the return value is not respected, i.e. the screen turns to landscape orientation when I turn the device.

    What can I do to make the settings view always show in portrait but allow orientation changes for the video viewer?

    More information: my UINavigationController subclass doesn’t override shouldAutorotate or supportedInterfaceOrientations. I haven’t implemented

       - (NSUInteger)application:(UIApplication *)application 
    supportedInterfaceOrientationsForWindow:(UIWindow *)window

    method in my AppDelegate and I have enabled all orientations in the target summary.

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    I had issue that some ViewControllers in the navigation stack support all the orientations, some only portrait, but UINavigation controller was returning all app supported orientations, this little hack helped me.

    @implementation UINavigationController (iOS6OrientationFix)
    -(NSUInteger) supportedInterfaceOrientations {
        return [self.topViewController supportedInterfaceOrientations];

    You also need to add:

    - (BOOL)shouldAutorotate {
        return NO;

    and set the supported rotations for the root view controller in the app plist file to only portrait.

    Category for UINavigationController not working for me. I don’t know why. I solve my problem with such category of UIViewController:

    @implementation UIViewController (Orientation)
    - (BOOL) shouldAutorotate
        return YES;
    - (NSUInteger)supportedInterfaceOrientations
        NSUInteger orientations = UIInterfaceOrientationMaskPortrait;
        if ([self isKindOfClass:[PlayerViewController class]])
            orientations |= UIInterfaceOrientationMaskLandscapeLeft;
            orientations |= UIInterfaceOrientationMaskLandscapeRight;
        return orientations;