iOS-Charts Float to Integer YAxis

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You just need to adjust the NSNumberFormatter


yAxis.valueFormatter = NSNumberFormatter()
yAxis.valueFormatter.minimumFractionDigits = 0

NSNumberFormatter is a very powerful class, you can do much much more with it. 🙂

For Swift 3.0 and Charts 3.0 you need to enable and set granularity for the axis.


barChart.leftAxis.granularityEnabled = true
barChart.leftAxis.granularity = 1.0

This worked for me. However, the y-axis labels will round when displaying small numbers, so if you are charting, say 1 or 2, the chart will display 0 twice. (See here: Force BarChart Y axis labels to be integers?)

let numberFormatter = NSNumberFormatter()
numberFormatter.generatesDecimalNumbers = false
chartDataSet.valueFormatter = numberFormatter
// Converting to Int for small numbers rounds weird
//barChartView.rightAxis.valueFormatter = numberFormatter
//barChartView.leftAxis.valueFormatter = numberFormatter

You can try this one, it worked nicely for me

let formatter = NSNumberFormatter()
formatter.numberStyle = .NoStyle
formatter.locale = NSLocale(localeIdentifier: "es_CL")
BarChartView.leftAxis.valueFormatter = formatter