iOS init UIWebView to clear navigation history

I am setting uiWebviewSocial as desired on IB and is loading requests as normal. However, later I need also to init this uiwebview in order to clear goBack history. I am using another uiwebview object for this purpose, webViewBridge

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
    self.webviewBridge = [[UIWebView alloc] init];
    self.webviewBridge = self.webViewSocial;

when I need to init UIWebViewSocial, I use following

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  •     self.webViewSocial = nil;
        self.webViewSocial = [[UIWebView alloc] init];
        self.webViewSocial = self.webviewBridge;

    however, if I then make goBack action, uiwebview loads an old request when should have its history empty. What I am missing? thank you

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    Well, I’ve been going aroundUIWebView in Stack Overflow these days and is a mess, for me at least.

    It seemsUIWebView cache works at its own, I mean we cannot change neither access some info that is exclusively managed by system…

    About your problem, it seems although yourUIWebView is sent to nil, it keeps getting info from cache… so, you should clear cache firstable
    You can check it here and there

    The problem is that after you are init’ing the new webviewBridge or webviewSocial, you are immediately overwriting the new object with the assignment on the next line. Remove the third line in each method.

    If I am not misunderstanding, when you load the view you get an “initial” webviewSocial (with history and contents??), then after some loadings you make in the UIWebView, these are stored as history in webviewBridge, isn’t it?
    When you send webviewSocial to nil, that shall be empty… but NOT webviewBridge… and then if you are reloading webviewSocial with webviewBridge (which in fact is previous whole history), that’s why it happens… I think