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Ok, I found that both the input and output device much match in system sound settings. Often I have them set to different devices. If they don’t match, the simulator seems to default to the last connected audio device selected among the input and output devices.

On a related note: if you’re like me and don’t like interface sounds and therefore uncheck the preference “Play user interface sound effects” (Sound > Sound Effects), you’ll need to check it to get sound out of the simulator.

I doubt the simulator has a setting for that, but you can set the main output device in System Preferences > Sound.

Don’t know if this will fix your issue, but it fixed mine.

I wanted the iOS simulator to output sound through a device I had connected and not the internal speakers. When I select the System Prefs Sound and selected my device as output, it would not work.

So, I selected the Sound Effects tab from the Prefs – Sound window and selected my device under Play Sound effects Through and presto it worked.

Don’t know the in-outs of iphone sound, but apparently mine were being treated as sound effects.

Hope that helps, if not, I gave it a shot.

Working on an audio project on my studio and still didn’t got it working on MOTU Hardware with everything pointing to the interface! All system sounds route properly except the iOS Sim!

Did this workaround:

iOS Sim/OS X -> SoundFlower virtual I/O -> (Any audio program like Logic/Live) -> MOTU HW

This might give you the freedom to route your audio as you please 😉