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Sizing class for iPad portrait and Landscape Modes

I basically want to have my subviews positioned differently depending upon the orientation of the iPad (Portrait or Landscape) using Sizing Classes introduced in xcode 6. I have found numerous tutorials explaining how different sizing classes are available for Iphones in portrait and landscape on the IB but however there seem to be none that […]

Autolayout: origin and size should change according to width and height factor

Here is a scenario what I needed. I have put a UIButton on IB (size iPhone4 inch) whose initial frame on IB is x:100,y:100,w:100,h:100. I want the origins and height should change according to device size. for example the width and height of iPhone6 is 375X667, hence the width factor (375/320=1.1718) and height factor (667/568=1.1742). […]

Unwind segue doesn't dismiss adaptive popover presentation when not modal

Update for iOS 9 beta: Apple may have fixed this for iOS 9. If you work(ed) around this issue for iOS 8, make sure it also works correctly on iOS 9. In storyboard, I’ve created a popover presentation segue to present a navigation and view controller from a button, as well as creating an unwind […]

IOS8 SplitVC + TabBarController + NavigationController

I’m doing a universal App using size classes and I’m trying to use a SplitView with a TabBarController in the Master/Primary View. Before adding the splitView all worked fine, but now the App crashes (the reason depends on the hierarchy of the views). So I tried the same storyboard starting from Apple SplitView template and […]

Example for iPhone portrait landscape adaptive UI which is backwards-compatible with iOS 7

I have read this thread How can Xcode 6 adaptive UIs be backwards-compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 6? and especially the answers from Dave and Joey. Still I am having a hard time getting a simple example to work: xcode 6, size classes enabled, iPhone iOS 7, uibutton width 100 on portrait mode, width […]