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Facebook share error : “the page you requested cannot be displayed right now”

I have used custom stories to do the facebook share and the share happens correctly and displays in posted user’s facebook wall. See below: The issue when when I click on the name of the page (“page” in the picture), via the facebook mobile app it gives me the following error: the page you requested […]

Objective-C and Android

I’ve just finished a relatively large project for the Android, and it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth with the knowledge that it will never run on one of the most ubiquitous handsets this side of the solar system (the one by that fruity little club). So, for my next project, I want to […]

Decompiling iOS Objective-C binaries

Possible Duplicate: decompile an app binary to get back to source code I’ve got an iPhone/iPad application, what is kinda interesting. It uses a special internal XML format for the stuff it does, but without a device, I can’t see how it works. I want to recreate this function for Android phones (freeware and opensource […]

Objective-C to Java cross compiler

It is clear that cross compilers will not be allowed by the Apple App Store, so a developer will need to be familiar with Objective-C to create applications for the iPhone. I was wondering, is there a cross compiler that will take Objective-C application code and rebuild it into a similar Java application that can […]

Port iPhone application to Android

What is the most efficient way to port an iPhone app to Android? I know Apple doesn’t like 3rd-party, non-Objective C platforms generating code for their platform … but is there something out there that can take an iPhone app and convert it to Android friendly code? If not, how have folks out there been […]

Are there any huge differences between objective-c and Java, or iPhone and Android?

Edit: My bad, I meant objective-c, not c#. Some reason I got it into my head it was c# the iphone used. So the answers for c# were great, thanks, but theyre a bit irrelevant, sorry about that. I’ve had a look but can’t find anything that answers this, though a few have shortened the […]

What happens to JavaScript code after app is compiled using Titanium Mobile

I installed Titanium from appcelerator and built the “KitchenSink” example application. All works well, I’m just wondering where does the javascript code ends up in a built app. I grep-ed the Xcode project and also the result application as I found it in Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/….KitchenSink.app, but I can’t find any function names from .js […]

Crossplatform iPhone / Android code sharing

Simply put: What is the most effective way to share / reuse code between iPhone and Android builds? The two most common scenarios I think would be: Blank slate new project, knowing ahead of time there is a large chunk of reusable logic that needs to run on each device. Existing iPhone code base, porting […]

Google Cloud Messaging shows “notRegistered” when using iOS distributed app

I have implemented a GCM service on an iOS app. I use PHP to send GCM at the server. It works perfectly when the app is signed by a development provisioning profile. That is, when the app registers itself using the GCM Config, it always returns a functioning device token. I can send a notification […]

Cocos2d-x: How to port a Cocos2d-x project developed with XCode to Android (via Eclipse)?

I have developed a Cocos2d-X app with XCode which works perfectly when I launch it from XCode on an iOS device. Now, I want to port it to Android. What I understand is that I have to find a way to import my “XCode project” to Eclipse in order to be able to compile it […]