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What happens to JavaScript code after app is compiled using Titanium Mobile

I installed Titanium from appcelerator and built the “KitchenSink” example application. All works well, I’m just wondering where does the javascript code ends up in a built app. I grep-ed the Xcode project and also the result application as I found it in Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/….KitchenSink.app, but I can’t find any function names from .js […]

Crossplatform iPhone / Android code sharing

Simply put: What is the most effective way to share / reuse code between iPhone and Android builds? The two most common scenarios I think would be: Blank slate new project, knowing ahead of time there is a large chunk of reusable logic that needs to run on each device. Existing iPhone code base, porting […]

Google Cloud Messaging shows “notRegistered” when using iOS distributed app

I have implemented a GCM service on an iOS app. I use PHP to send GCM at the server. It works perfectly when the app is signed by a development provisioning profile. That is, when the app registers itself using the GCM Config, it always returns a functioning device token. I can send a notification […]

Cocos2d-x: How to port a Cocos2d-x project developed with XCode to Android (via Eclipse)?

I have developed a Cocos2d-X app with XCode which works perfectly when I launch it from XCode on an iOS device. Now, I want to port it to Android. What I understand is that I have to find a way to import my “XCode project” to Eclipse in order to be able to compile it […]

Create Android Applications using Xcode?

I’m using Xcode for a while, and I’d like to start developing Android Applications. However, the SDK is for Eclipse. I personally don’t like Eclipse, because of the UI and it starts to suck on my iMac. I was wondering if it is possible to create Android Applications with the Xcode Tools so I can […]

react-native-linkedin-sdk – Cannot read property 'configure' of undefined (LinkedInSessionManager.ios.js)

I have followed all steps described here Here is props of my environment: react 16.0.0-alpha.6 react-native 0.43.3 react-native-linkedin-sdk 0.0.4 XCode 8.3.2 The Xcode project compiles without issues but I receive an error msg when I invoke the JS code below that the function configure is undefined Here is my test code: const config = { […]

getting an overview perspective of all methods in a class in Eclipse

I have done quite some xCode programming and found the overview perspective of the methods in a class really helpful. It looks like this: MY_GROUP_1 <- defined with #pragma mark MY_GROUP_1 M method11 M method12 M…. MY_GROUP_2 M method21 M method22 M…. In Eclipse I only found the outline view, which does not have a […]

Using Swift to share core code between iOS and Android

What I want: To share non-UI code between Android and iOS using Swift. The Problem: Android has NDK support that allows you to run C and C++ code (not Objective C) using the Java Native Interface (JNI). I’m a Java programmer and don’t quite understand the ins and outs of compiling C code. What are […]

Firebase Database – How to perform a prefix wildcard query

I would like to perform wildcard queries on a Firebase database, and do not know whether the libraries support this. – (my guess it does not.) I want an optimal solution where the network traffic will be as little as possible, assume the dataset is millions of records. Dataset (using prefix wildcard): user_id: id_001123: name: […]

IOS cotrols hide and gone like android

I have used storyboard with autolayout for my UI design. Basically in android there are three different properties will be there like Visible and Invisible and gone. For Example: 1) android:visibility=”gone” // used to hide the control and as well as space (or) CONTROLNAME.setVisibility(View.GONE); 2) android:visibility=”invisible” // used to hide the control but it will […]