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Accessing DOM Webkit Objective C

Could someone who is familiar with webkit please explain or point me in the right direction as to why the following code does not work What i’m trying to do is load a page, have webkit parse it and simply print out the title. Here is what i’ve got: #include <iostream> #include <WebKit/WebKit.h> using namespace […]

iPhone ASIHTTP – Distinguishing between API calls?

I currently have a view controller that implements ASIHTTP for handling API calls. My view controller fires 2 separate calls. I need to be able to distinguish between the 2 calls in the -requestFinished(ASIHTTPRequest*)request method, so I can parse each one accordingly… Is there any of doing this?

iPhone Objective-C Simplest Way to get a stock quote

Im wondering what is the simplest way to get the current price of a stock from say yahoo finance (or similar) in objective-C For the iPhone SDK. Simple is the key, I am looking for current price, and days movement. I havent had much luck finding an iPhone code example or library. regards

Is there an API to connect to iCloud and get contacts and contact changes?

I’m wondering if there is an API of some sort available from Apple for iCloud, to which one can hook into and get notified when contact information changes. The point of this is that I’m wondering whether it is possible to sync contacts from iCloud outside of iCloud (e.g. from iCloud to some sync server […]

iPhone light sensor vs camera to measure the light intensity

I need to create an application that measure the light intensity like the ones below: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/luxmeter-pro/id408369821?mt=8 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/megaman-luxmeter/id455660266?mt=8 and I wonder which is the best way to solve the problem. As I understood it is not possible to use light sensor APIs which are private to Apple. What classes can I use for capture frames and […]

Should my Block-based API have just completion or both success and failure handlers?

When designing a block-based API in ObjC, which approach is better, one completion block or two, one each for success and failure? Let’s say we have a method retrieving something asynchronously to a block, with one completion block it would be: – (void) retrieveSomethingCompletion:(void (^)(id retrievedObject, NSError *error))completionBlock; And with success/failure blocks (AFNetworking style): – […]

Making a post to API with RKParams and mapping the response with RKObjectMapping using RestKit

Right now I’m doing a huge refactory to my code and I want to unify the way I’m using Restkit. I had separated ways of making RPC calls to my API server and REST calls. REST calls where made using objectMapping and RPC calls where made with the RKClient. Besides that, I’m using blocks instead […]

Convert the voice to text in iPhone

I want to ask a question about the iPhone application. Does Apple provide any API to the developers to record the phone call and convert it to text message? Thank you.

Modeling Object Inheritance in a REST Api

The problem I have an application that has a User object and a Student object. Some users are students. All students are users. In the database (django-ORM based), this is represented as a Student table with a foreign-key to the User table. I’m trying to create a REST API, and an object hierarchy in the […]

API for Wikipedia in Objective C?

Does anybody know if there is an implementation of the wikipedia api in objective c? which can be used to access and display the information a bit nicer then with the plain website. I’m thinking of something like the wikipanion app but not so sophisticated. Thanks Joerg