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split stereo audio to mono streams on iOS

Apologies if this has been answered. I’ve seen lots of questions but no good answers. I’m trying to export stereo music from my iPod library to two mono caf files. How can I do this on iOS? I’m currently using Objective C. Thanks! Update: I’ve managed to get the sample code working from apple thats […]

Objective-c/IOS: Reversing the bytes in NSMutabledata

In my application I have the bytes of an audio file stored in NSMutableData like so: NSMutableData *data = [NSMutableData dataWithBytes:byteData length:len]; I can then later play this using player = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithData:data error:&error]; My question is what code would reverse the bytes in the data object, so that when played the sound is […]

Downloading Files from server Objective C or Swift

How can I download audio files from my server to the user’s phone to be used in the app? When I go to the website link, JSON code comes up like this [{“name”:”Lets Party”,”path”:”http:\/\/domain.us\/\/\/audios\/\/Lets Party.wav”}, {“name”:”Let You Know”,”path”:”http:\/\/domain.us\/\/\/audios\/\/Let You Know.wav”}, {“name”:”OMG”,”path”:”http:\/\/domain.us\/\/\/audios\/\/OMG.wav”}] I tried getting the JSON and converting it in Swift, but that crashed my […]

How do I detect if other apps are playing background audio?

I am making a game for iphone/ipad, and don’t want my background music to interfere with music the user might already be playing. I know I can get the state of the iPod app using MPPlayerController, but how would my app figure out if something else, like Pandora, was playing background audio on iOS4?

Reverse an audio file Swift/Objective-C

Is there a way that I could reverse and export .m4a audio file? I found a solution to reverse an audio track here, but it only seems to be working on .caf file formats. If the only way is to use a .caf, is there a way to convert the .m4a file to .caf first? […]

How can I programmatically create a multi-output device in OS X?

How can I programmatically create a Multi-Output Device in Mac OS X? The Audio Midi Setup program provides a GUI interface for creating one, but I would like to be able to create one in code. I’ve found some resources already for creating aggregate devices, but multi-output devices function differently and I can’t find anything […]

How to play looping sound with OpenAL on iPhone

I’m following a tutorial about playing sound with OpenAL. Now everything works fine except I can’t make the sound looping. I believe that I’ve used AL_LOOPING for the source. Now it can only play once and when it finishes playing, the app will block(doesn’t response to my tap on the play button). Any ideas about […]

How can I Add Audio Player in iphone App

I want to add audio player in my app.I have no idea about it. I want to play songs and make playlist also…how can i do this?

AVAudioPlayer rate change introduces artifacts/distortion

I am trying to change the rate of a sound file played through AVAudioPlayer. It works, but there are significant artifacts, especially when I slow down the rate. I’m happy that the rate change maintains the same pitch but it seems to have trouble, especially with sustained notes. It seemed like the rate change was […]

How can I change the voice data iPhone sends to cellular network

I have this code that records a voice call in iPhone. What I’m trying to is change the data that goes to the cellular network. Specifically I think I need access to the voice data after they are modulated in dsp and are ready to send to the cellular network. I want to apply some […]