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Send messages between iPhone & Mac

I’m fairly novice in iPhone development, but trying to create what would seem a fairly simple application. I want to have 1 program running on my phone/simulator that has a slider and a button, and another receiving program on the mac, such as Processing/Supercollider. When the button is pressed i want a String such as […]

IOS Receiving video from Network

UPDATE – I have fixed some mistakes in the code below and the images are displayed on the other device, but I have another problem. While video capture is open, the “master” device sends data continuously, sometimes this capture appears on “slave” device and in a very short time, the image “blinks” to blank and […]

any examples of a server/client iphone app where both the server and clients are iOS devices?

I would like to create a server/client application where one iphone is running a server, and all other devices on the same wifi network can connect to the server device and send and receive information. Are there any examples of running a server on a device and letting other devices on the network search for […]

CFNetwork and Bonjour integration for iPhone to Mac integration

I want to use CFNetwork and Bonjour in conjunction to be able to have communications between my iPhone app and a Mac app. The app on the iPhone would have one button. Then on the Mac app, there will be a label. If the button is pushed on the iPhone app, the label changes on […]

“The Bonjour service could not be resolved.”

After updating to 6.3 whenever I launch Xcode I get this message. Any idea how to get rid of this? Edit: Why is this question on hold? Many people experience the very same issue.. Problem resolved. For a solution, please refer to: https://stackoverflow.com/a/29682940/1938719

After upgrading to Xcode 6.3, on launch I now get the error: “The Bonjour service could not be resolved.”

After upgrading to Xcode 6.3, I now get an alert panel with the error: The Bonjour service could not be resolved. The server may be temporarily unavailable. Contact your system administrator. How can I fix this?

Bonjour Service Browser with Swift does not fetch serviceinfo

The service I want to connect to is published via Bonjour. I can find all the info with the Bonjour Browser, however if I try to gather the data programmatically, the only value I get, is the name of the service. The NetService delegate is set and the function netServiceWillPublish is called. The functions DidNotPublish […]

Bonjour in the Background?

I noticed that Pasteboard, a clipboard app for iOS, can run Bonjour service in the background. I’ve no idea how they implement that, so I searched on the Internet and then found that it plays a silent sound file when in background. But it is not true now, because I can’t see the app icon […]

How to Transfer Large Files over wifi in iOS

I downloaded WiTap Code From Apple’s website. Its for transferring data over local wifi network. I am working in a project to interact as client – server architecture. I am sending NSData from client side to server. I made 2 projects; one for client and one for server At client side project, i made following […]

PAN with Linux, iOS, Bluetooth, Bonjour, GameKit — Possible?

So I read different takes on this matter (I think I read all the related questions on SO). Can I connect in a PAN – Can I write an app that will connect – my linux machine and my iOS device via bluetooth? Using or not using Bonjour or GameKit. Few requisites: iOS devices are […]