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Open iphone calendar app programmatically

I’d like to open the iphone calendar app programmatically from within my app. According to this post: How to open the iPhone calendar from within my app? it isn’t possible (May 22 2010!). Maybe the ios sdk 4 or ios sdk 5 support such a feature?

URL scheme for opening native calendar with specific date

I have found the sample code to open calendar from my app, but i can’t open at a specific date. NSString* launchUrl = @”calshow://”; [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString: launchUrl]]; Is there a way to add specific date at the end of the “lunchUrl” string so when the user opens the calendar it displays the given […]

How to programmatically add calendar subscriptions on iOS?

Via the settings panel of your iPhone, you can add a subscription to a remote .ics calendar format. I have a Dutch iPhone app that does this from within the app (see the screenshot below, “abonneren op de agenda” means “subscribe to the calendar”), but there must be others too. I want to mimic this […]

iOS: Open a Calendar app New Event screen with populated date

Is it possible to redirect a user to Calendar app New Event screen programmatically with populated start and end dates? I am aware of Introduction to Calendars and Reminders, but that seems to be an overkill. I have also tried calshow://, but didn’t seem to work either or I am couldn’t find a correct scheme.

How I can set a notification which UserNotifications Framework

I can set a notification in a time interval but I don’t know how make it in a specific time and date, I try this but don’t work let center = UNUserNotificationCenter.current() func notificationSender(){ center.requestAuthorization([.sound, .alert]) { (granted, error) in // We can register for remote notifications here too! } var date = DateComponents() date.hour […]

How do I find the beginning of the week from an NSDate?

I’m implementing a calendar view, and I’d like it to start at the beginning of the week containing a particular date. Eg. If the target date is Monday, Feb 29, 2016, and the current calendar is set to start on Sunday, I’d like my view to start with Sunday, February 28. This seems like it […]

CVCalendar Setup

I’m having trouble setting up the CVCalendar By Mozharovsky from github. I’ve opened a new test project and added the CVCalendar folder to my project, then I added the CVCalendar CocoaPod. I added the views the way the instructions said. I get this error in the override init() function every time I try to run […]

How to show Calendar instead of using UIDatePicker in iPhone?

I am using UIDatePicker controller to choose the date in iPhone app. Now, i want to show the Calendar View instead of UIDatePicker Controller. I have searched my level best in google. But, i can’t find the exact solution for my problem. Can anyone please help to use the Calendar view for UIDatePicker? Thanks in […]

EKEvent with eventWithIdentifier on iOS

If I want to retrieve EKEvent from EKEventStore with eventWithIdentifier method for previously saved event but I always get null. This is the code for adding event: EKEventStore *eventStore = [[EKEventStore alloc] init]; EKEvent *newEvent = [EKEvent eventWithEventStore:eventStore]; newEvent.title = @”Test”; newEvent.availability = EKEventAvailabilityFree; newEvent.startDate = startDate; newEvent.endDate = endDate; [newEvent addAlarm:[EKAlarm alarmWithRelativeOffset:-15*60]]; newEvent.calendar = […]

iOS Notification Trigger: fortnightly and/or quarterly

I can’t seem to find any Apple Documentation for this exact scenario, and I’ve tried various ways to do this and I keep coming up empty. I would like to schedule a repeating notification (iOS 10+ so UNCalendarNotificationTrigger or equivalent). These are Local Notifications not Push Notifications. My Goal: Schedule notifications that repeat: once a […]