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MBCalendar kit framework how to add in my project

I used MBCalendar kit framework. and successfully added in my project, but problem is that months and dates cant show simulator. only one top bar show in this weeks and year show. I attached my output snap shot please find this and show bellow. I want to successfully calendar show in UI. how it possible […]

Creating Multiple Event on Calendar Using Background Thread

I have to update calendar based on response(events) from the server. I made an array to hold all the event objects and iterating it to save the events on the calendar. Its working but problem is its creating only one random event not all. I have to show all the events(most important right now). How […]

How to delete all the Events of My App Calendar when app is deleted from device in iOS

I am having a calendar with name MyCalendar. I have stored some events to that calendar.. I know how to delete all the events from the calendar..as below NSDate *startDate = [NSDate date]; NSDate* endDate = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:[[NSDate distantFuture] timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate]]; NSArray *calendarArray = [NSArray arrayWithObject:self.defaultCalendar]; NSPredicate *predicate = [self.eventStore predicateForEventsWithStartDate:startDate endDate:endDate calendars:calendarArray]; NSArray *events = […]

iPhone Day Calendar View?

Before I make the dive and make it myself. Is there any open source solution to have a day calendar in my iPhone app? I need a view which resembles the ‘Day’ view in the actual Apple Calendar iPhone app. Hope you can help, thanks.

when user click on particular date a alert will show with that event title

I’m Using SAcalendar. this is my json: data: – [ – { id: “1”, event_start: “2014-06-09 11:30”, event_end: “2014-06-09 12:30”, title: “Click a date to create a new event and drag to change its date and time. Click on an existing event to modify. Click “Show Standard Settings” to set additional event properties.” }, – […]

How to decide whether the default EKCalendar 'Calendar' can be hidden?

I’m writing an app that deals with calendars. In the app I’m displaying a list of all available calendars for the user to enable or disable. I’m not using the EventKitUI framework for purposes of my own design and UI. I get a neat list of calendars by polling the calendars property of an EKEventStore […]

URL Scheme for opening the iCal app at a date or event?

The Apple URL Scheme Reference gives a nice overview of a number of URL schemes you can use to open certain built-in apps with some parameters. I know that this is not a complete list of all possible URL schemes that the built-in apps respond to, since there are also ways to open the system […]

How to get n-th Sunday date of the month in objective c?

How to get first sunday or nth sunday or monday (any day) date in Object C coding. For example :- I just want to show date of friendship day in my app every year. But, friendship comes 1st sunday of Aug. So, date will change every year. here I need to find what is the […]

How can I get the UI Calendar?

Could you help me with this question, please? I only need to put a simple Calendar in one of the screens, and I do not have any idea of how can I obtain it, because this UI element is not in the IB. My client wants the screen like the image below, without the UISegmentedControl […]

Open iphone calendar app programmatically

I’d like to open the iphone calendar app programmatically from within my app. According to this post: How to open the iPhone calendar from within my app? it isn’t possible (May 22 2010!). Maybe the ios sdk 4 or ios sdk 5 support such a feature?