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MASSIVE AVAudioPlayer Memory Leaks

I am using AVAudioPLayer to do the audio for my game. I have the following code in a method in a seperate class, which is called every time I want the ‘boing’ sound to play. Problem is, it leaks huge amounts of memory, to the point where the game becomes unplayable. Now i’m not releasing […]

SplitViewController with TabbarController

I am using the split View functionality in my app.I have to put tabbar in rootViewController. But when I add controllers in tabbar and add them into split view it doesnt split. It only shows detailViewController. Here is the code in application did finish launching: – (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { UIViewController *viewController2,*viewController3,*viewController4; rootViewController = [[[CategoryItemsList alloc] […]

Retaining repeating NSTimer for later access?

I am creating an NSTimer in the createTimer method that I want to refer back to in the later cancelTimer method. To facilitate this I am taking ownership of the NSTimer via a retained property so that I can refer back to it later. The issue that is confusing me is, if I start the […]

userLocation: latitude/longitude return zero?

I am just looking at mapKit and decided to make a quick button to display my current location, however when I press the button my latitude/longitude always display as [0.000000] [0.000000]. The mapView is loaded as I can see the map on the simulator before I press the button. Previously I have done this by […]

Retrieving Current Location and Zip using Geolocation Button

I want to place a Geolocation button near my UISearchBar, which on clicking, it should return the zip (eg. 20043). I will be using the value from the ZIP to get the list of buildings near me. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with the location Button, and what are the methods […]

MFMailComposeViewController and privacy – hiding the To: field?

I am creating my second iPhone app, and I’ve included a feedback form using MFMailComposeViewController. This displays and works correctly, but I’m not sure I want all my users to see my email address. Is there any way to set the to: field to my email address, and then hide it so that the user […]

How can I upload a photo to a server with the iPhone?

I’m writing an iPhone app that takes a photo and then uploads it to a server. How do I upload a photo to a server with Cocoa? I suppose I use NSUrl somewhere. Thanks!

Is iAds not available for iPad apps?

I have an iPad app, which has a requirement for iAds. But in Library I could not find Ad Banner View. Is iAds not available for iPad? I am using iOS SDK 4.1 What are the other alternatives for implementing in an iPad app? Please Help and Suggest Thanks.

how to resign keyBoard as a firstResponder from a textView?

I want to resign the keyboard from the text view as a first responder.I want as soon as user hits the return key after editing in a textView the keyboard should resign.But I am not sure how should I do this???

Sqlite Opening Error : Unable to open database

In my app, I use a calendar control to store the information date-wise. Calendar Control’s Link : http://blog.webscale.co.in/?p=244 Problem : For example, the current selected month is October 2010. Now if I switch back to April 2010 and try to comeback to Ocober 2010 & access data from calendar that I stored in the month […]