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iOS Multi peer connectivity showing same device name twice

I am using iOS 7 multi peer technology for connecting my iPad and iPod touch. But whenever iPod touch or iPad goes to sleep it gets disconnected which is fine because multi peer dont work in background mode, but when i discover again it shows iPods name twice in the MCBrowserViewController list. Tried this with […]

How to check if a word is defined in the English dictionary in cocoa-touch?

I am trying to make a crossword app for IOS but i Don’t know that how to check if a string is valid english word or not. How can i check it. Is there any API or online facility to check it. Thanks in Advance

Is there a custom URL scheme for the built-in Contacts app?

I am trying to write an app that does a person search of my company. When it returns a result, I want to include a feature to add the person to the Contacts app with the push of a button. The problem is, I can’t find a way to launch the Contacts app through a […]

iOs Widget background update

According to what apple says about widgetPerformUpdateWithCompletionHandler:, the iOs Widget can update his content also when the widget is not visible. In my debug session i’ve noted that the todayViewController is deallocated everytime the notification center view disappear, so my questions are: How my todayViewController can respond to widgetPerfomrUpdateWithComplationHandler if it is deallocated ? I […]

Facebook SDK didLoad:result = null

I have a Facebook singleton and request this to get a profile picture: [[[FacebookScorer sharedInstance] facebook] requestWithGraphPath:@”me/picture?type=normal” andDelegate:self]; Now in facebooks delegate method didLoadRawResponce I actually receive the profile picture and can display, but in the didLoad:(id)result method the result is null! I believe the didLoad method is called once the result has been parsed, […]

Memory related issue of ZBarReaderViewController in iOS 7

I use ZBarReaderViewController for scan QR Code. and it was perfectly worked on iOS 6. But when i use iOS 7 with my project then it is not properly working with ZBarReaderViewController Issue is related to memory, it take more then 100 MB and my device is hang at this time. Generally in my project. […]

Rotate one UIViewController in UITabBar application

I have uitabbar application and I Want to rotate just one ViewController with chart in landscape mode. It’s possible to do that?

XCode Documentation – Offline Reading

Is it possible to have the iOS and OSX documentation available for offline reading? If so, how?

Custom table view row action (image)

My app includes an UITableView. It’s cells has the option to display more than one line. The cells has also a custom row action (image). I set the row action image like this: let date = UITableViewRowAction(style: UITableViewRowActionStyle.Default, title: “”, handler: { (action, indexPath) -> Void in}) date.backgroundColor = UIColor(patternImage: UIImage(named: “rowActionPic”)!) The image has […]

Entitlement has value not permitted by a provisioning profile error

After testing my app for the past couple weeks we’re finally trying to get the app submitted to the app store. Prior to submitting, I wanted to get my production push notifications set up. I went and installed my provisioning profile for production set it in my code identifiers in the XCode build area and […]