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How to import contacts from the contact Framework ios9

How to add multiple phone number using Contact Framework iOS 9 CNMutableContact *contact = [test mutableCopy]; CNLabeledValue *homePhone_1 = [CNLabeledValue labeledValueWithLabel:CNLabelHome value:[CNPhoneNumber phoneNumberWithStringValue:@”019312-555-1212″]]; CNLabeledValue * homePhone_2 = [CNLabeledValue labeledValueWithLabel:CNLabelHome value:[CNPhoneNumber phoneNumberWithStringValue:@”312-555-1219″]]; [contact.phoneNumbers addObjectsFromArray:@[homePhone_1]]; [contact.phoneNumbers addObjectsFromArray:@[homePhone_2]]; CNSaveRequest *request = [[CNSaveRequest alloc] init]; [request updateContact:contact]; Please help guys. This is not working.

Displaying data on a tableView: Calling contacts from a picker to tableView 29 and counting

Aaanyway, I wanted to ask if its possible to populate a table view from my contacts picker. I’m using this library: https://github.com/ipraba/EPContactsPicker This is my picker: ///CONTACTS PICKER\\\ @IBAction func onTouchShowMeContactsButton(sender: AnyObject) { let contactPickerScene = EPContactsPicker(delegate: self, multiSelection:true, subtitleCellType: SubtitleCellValue.Email) let navigationController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: contactPickerScene) self.presentViewController(navigationController, animated: true, completion: nil) } //MARK: EPContactsPicker delegates […]

CNSaveRequest.addGroup and deleteGroup don't immediately change Groups in Contacts

In Swift, when you update “Contact” by passing CNSaveRequest to CNContactStore, the update immediately changes Contacts in your native Contacts app. However, when you add or delete “Group” (CNGroup) by passing CNSaveRequest to CNContactStore, the addition or deletion doesn’t immediately change Groups in your native Contacts app. In case of addition or deletion of “Group”, […]

Contact is missing some of the required key descriptors in ios

I have retrieves all contact by using following method – (void)getAllContacts:(void(^)(NSArray *array))handler { CNAuthorizationStatus status = [CNContactStore authorizationStatusForEntityType:CNEntityTypeContacts]; if (status == CNAuthorizationStatusDenied || status == CNAuthorizationStatusDenied) { UIAlertController *alert = [UIAlertController alertControllerWithTitle:nil message:@”This app previously was refused permissions to contacts; Please go to settings and grant permission to this app so it can use contacts” […]

How iPhone Contact app detect user has number linked to WhatsApp?

I just want to know how iPhone app is able to detect that mobile number is registered with WhatsApp, IMO, JioChat like in screenshot.