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Glass effects UIView

I would like to know how it is possible to add a glass effect on a UIView I would like something like this effects on the gray translucent view you can see here : Thanks

how to add echo effect on audio file using objective-c

I am developing an application in which I want to add echo effect in recorded audio files using objective-c. I am using DIRAC to add other effect e.g. man to women, slow, fast. now I have to make Robot voice of recorded voice. for robot voice I need to add echo effect Please help me […]

water effect in a view based application

I’m using a view based application in xcode and I would like to do an effect: water effect like this video .In this video the guy use opengl es And I don’t know it it’s possible without.

iOS SceneKit Neon Glow

Have been looking at lighting on Scenekit, and while I can now apply a lighting node to light something I’m looking for a way to light from within an object. As an example imagine a neon glow, or a lightbulb that casts light on other objects. Any ideas how to achieve this? Many thanks.