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Glib use in an iPhone App

I would like to develop an iPhone App based on an existing open-source Objective-C framework, however that framework makes extensive use of the glib library and I cannot find a way to build and include the glib library for an iPhone app (non jailbreak). Is there any way this can be done, or is there […]

Undefined symbols for architecture .. in dynamic framework

I am working on an iOS framework which holds several third party frameworks and communicates with Unity using the UnitySendMessage C method. I want to create a Dynamic Framework (supporting iOS8+) but i stumble upon the following compile error: Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: “_UnitySendMessage”, referenced from: …. ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 […]

How to import contacts from the contact Framework ios9

How to add multiple phone number using Contact Framework iOS 9 CNMutableContact *contact = [test mutableCopy]; CNLabeledValue *homePhone_1 = [CNLabeledValue labeledValueWithLabel:CNLabelHome value:[CNPhoneNumber phoneNumberWithStringValue:@”019312-555-1212″]]; CNLabeledValue * homePhone_2 = [CNLabeledValue labeledValueWithLabel:CNLabelHome value:[CNPhoneNumber phoneNumberWithStringValue:@”312-555-1219″]]; [contact.phoneNumbers addObjectsFromArray:@[homePhone_1]]; [contact.phoneNumbers addObjectsFromArray:@[homePhone_2]]; CNSaveRequest *request = [[CNSaveRequest alloc] init]; [request updateContact:contact]; Please help guys. This is not working.

NetworkExtension – NEVPNManager

Apple published with iOS 8 a new Framework “NetworkExtension”. I want to start a VPN Connection out of an app with the NEVPNManager, or has this Framework another use? Has somebody information or an example about this Framework? I can´t find information about it on the developer.apple.com website, only in the header files. Thanks

How to use Swift App + (Swift Framework + Objective C static Framework) without warnings

What I am trying to do: Create a swift dynamic framework – Say SwiftDemo.framework Swift.framework depends upon an external Objective-C static framework (No source code available) – Say ObjCDemo.framework. This framework has it’s module file and placed inside ObjCDemo.framework/Modules/module.modulemap Put this SwiftDemo.framework inside an Swift application. Ideally I would want my swift app to be […]

Learning Objective C without a Mac

I do not have a Mac, or an iPhone. However, the concept of taking C and making it more dynamic towards the idea of smalltalk, python or ruby is really attractive to me. I’d love to start on objective C. Is objective C just a syntax superset of C or is it really like C. […]

It's Possible To Develop Using Cocoa In Windows And Linux

I’m starting to learn Objective-C and I don’t have a Mac (and I don’t have plans to get one), but as I see that Cocoa is a very good framework to develop in Objective-C, I want to know: Is it possible to develop using Cocoa in Windows and Linux? Thanks.

Is there some functionality in Cocoa to display time intervals in natural language?

What I am searching for is a Cocoa (or third party) class that can display time intervals in natural language, e.g.: 10 seconds ago 1 hour ago 2 days ago Do you know anything that could help me to achieve this task without writing it by myself and melting in if-else hell?

Xcode – Removing unused frameworks?

Over time when you develop an application you add new libraries to it, new frameworks needed for the libraries to work. Then you remove libraries and if you are like me you have forgotten to remove the frameworks that you initially added. Is there a way to find out what frameworks are needed for my […]

How to load IOSurface in OpenGL for Mac OS X Snow Leopard application

Apple added the new IOSurface framework as part of the 10.6 Mac OS X firm update. Since this framework relatively new, I haven’t found the much need documentation on how to properly use this. I was wondering if there anyone on StackOverflow that can assist me with IOSurface usage. Anyways, this is what I want […]