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Google maps iOS sdk get tapped overlay coordinates

i’m working with Google maps iOS sdk. i want to get the coordinates of the touched point when user taps an overlay. there is this delegate method: – (void)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView didTapAtCoordinate:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinate but it’s not called when you tap an overlay or a marker. can i call it programmatically (but coordinate parameter is missing-that’s what i […]

How to get the address of a latitude and longitude in an iphone application

I am getting latitude and longitude using CLLocation. I want to know how I can get the address by using this latitude and longitude. Please help me.

Draw polyline using google map in iOS 7?

Using this link . i tried to get route direction from one coordinates to another coordinates but didn’t get route. Below mention used coding… NSArray *routesArray = [res objectForKey:@”routes”]; NSDictionary *routeDict = [routesArray objectAtIndex:0]; NSDictionary *routeOverviewPolyline = [routeDict objectForKey:@”overview_polyline”]; NSString *points = [routeOverviewPolyline objectForKey:@”points”]; GMSPath *path = [GMSPath pathFromEncodedPath:points]; polyline = [GMSPolyline polylineWithPath:path]; polyline.strokeColor = […]

Google Places API for iOS vs Google places Web service

I plan to have an application to list nearby places in a UITableView with UISearchController combined by Auto-complete feature to filter the result of places and I’m trying to use Google Places API. I’m confused because I don’t know which API should I use: Google Places API Web Service or Google Places API for iOS […]

iphone — convert MKMapPoint distances to meters

Say I have a square which consists of four CLLocationCoordinate2D points, which are in lat, lon, and I want to find the area of the square in meters. I convert the CLLocationCoordinate2D points into MKMapPoints, and I find the area in X-Y space. However, the area I find is in the units of MKMapPoint, which […]

how to draw a path one place to another place in google map sdk iOS?

i need to find path in google map view one place to another place. how to draw a direction map using google map sdk iOS. can any of give source code. and then explain how to achieve this. Below i attached image also, i need to achieve this in iPhone app using Google Map SDK […]

Calculate distance between two locations using google map in iphone

I just want to calculate distance between two location . In which user can enter both the location’s addresses, and from that addresses I want to calculate the distance between them. Is it possible to calculate distance from CLLocation using these addresses ? If you have any link/code, please send it to me. Please help […]

MKMapView loading all annotation views at once (including those that are outside the current rect)

UPDATE It looks like this problem has been quietly fixed in iOS 4.3. Up to this point, the distance that was considered “far enough” for an annotation to be recycled seemed to be hundreds of miles, even when zoomed in very closely. When I build my app with the iOS 4.3 SDK, annotations are recycled […]

ios getting my location regularly and setting button to get my location – Google Map not working

I am working on Google Map Module , using 1.9.0 Bundle, to find my location on regular basis , say 10 seconds and create a button to get my location button as one of mapview settings When it comes to the execution and location service is turned on, there are no responses after clicking the […]

Can I still use Google Maps in iOS 6 and up?

As you may know Apple recently announced iOS 6 and with it their own new maps. I just ran my app on the new version iOS and it uses as standard maps in MKMapView the new Apple Maps. It is probably awesome but my app is relying on Google Maps, because I use their data […]