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Want to add event in google calendar

I want to insert event in google calendar without using any third parties. Please help me if any one know it. Thanks in advance.

cannot find interface declaration for 'AbstractPickerView',superclass of 'AttackLayer'

I have been scratching my head on this one for some time now and was hoping an extra pair of eyes would help: I am getting a “Cannot find interface declaration for ‘AbstractPickerView’, superclass of ‘AttackLayer’. Trouble is i have imported all the necessary header files and the only thing i can think of is […]

How can i solve CoreData mogenerator not found issue

I got the error as shown below. I don’t know what did i miss? How can i solve this issue as shown in image below: /Users/nischalhada/Documents/XcodePro/mnepalnews-revisited-2.0/CoreData mogenerator not found Command /bin/sh failed with exit code 1 Screen shots of run script I am unable to solve my problem after study of following Mogenerator not found […]

Move UIButton above Keyboard when tapped on UITextField

I have 3 text-fields and 2 buttons. When I tap on text-field, keyboard comes up and the 2 buttons are hidden because of the keyboard. Is it possible to move the buttons above the keyboard and when the keyboard resigns the buttons should go back to their initial position.

Delete a word of attributedtext on textview

I am implementing something like facebook mention. User can type their text message into the textview and mention user names. User name will be highlighted using NSAttributedString. When user wants to delete the text on the textview, I want to delete the mention name as a whole if the text is part of the mention […]

In Table view How to add another custom cell in expanded cell in ios?

Hi i have been working expanding cell for the past few days from some suggestion of internet i found code to expand the customcell. Now my question is i am using custom cell here so after expanding cell i wanna add another custom cell in the expanded custom cell. So any one can help me […]

iOS MVC – Passing data back and forth to view controllers and model

I’m new to iOS programming and having written a simple reminders style app, I’m now rewriting it to implement the MVC model correctly as previously all my code was inside View Controllers. I have a custom class called Event with properties name, time, repeat etc and then the following structure: Model class Retrieves, processes and […]

NSPredicate on nested array with NSDictionary as object

i have a NSDictionary like: { “2017-05-02” = ( { “always_valid” = 0; date = “2017-05-02”; from = “12:00”; to = “13:00”; }, { “always_valid” = 0; date = “2017-05-02”; from = “12:00”; to = “12:00”; }, { “always_valid” = 0; date = “2017-05-02”; from = “14:00”; “hourly_rate” = 12; to = “15:00”; } ); […]

Filtering video with GPUImage

I’m using GPUImage in my application and trying to filter video. Live video filtering is working well. The trouble comes up when I try to read a video into memory from the filesystem and apply filters using the code posted on the sunsetlakessoftware tutorial page and in the SimpleVideoFileFilter demo. EDIT: I realized that my […]

PFLogInViewController no longer recognized?

I am building an iPhone app on iOS 8 with the latest version of Parse. Does anybody know if the PFLogInViewController is still a thing? I’m having an incredibly hard time including it in my project. Everything else with Parse works perfectly fine. The only problem is that PFLogInViewController and PFSignUpViewController (and their delegates) are […]