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Provisioning profile stored in XCode project file for iOS apps

I thought I’d figured out how to store XCode projects in source control – I only version the .pbxproject file and this seems to work great. But then I noticed the provisioning profile is also kept there. This doesn’t seem very good, I’m working remotely with another developer and we both have individual provisioning profiles. […]

sprite kit collisions: ignore transparency?

I am building a game with Xcode’s spritekit. Its a platform game and right now it functions well with flat ground pieces. I was wondering if it was possible to ignore transparency in the png for collisions. That is to say, If i have a ground piece with a curved floor and transparency filling the […]

Detecting/Fixing Memory Leaks

I’ve finished coding my project, but then when I have submitted my source code in the client, it was tested, then memory leaks were detected. I have tested in Instruments using Leaks. What I am having problem with is in my AVPlayer and in my AVAudioPlayer and something in my AppDelegate. Should I find an […]

What does this mean? “Writable atomic property 'fileManager' cannot pair a synthesized setter/getter with a user defined setter/getter”

Possible Duplicate: error: writable atomic property cannot pair a synthesized setter/getter with a user defined setter/getter I have a header file where I declare an atomic property, like this: @property (retain) FileManager *fileManager; Then I synthesize that in the implementation file: @synthesize fileManager; And then I write my own accessor for lazy initialization: – (FileManager*)fileManager […]

Iphone pixel distortion while zooming OpenGL ES content for Paint app

I have a strange problem with openGL ES. I’m working on a paint app for iphone [taking reference from GLPaint app] .In my code I’m using an imageView which contain outline image on which I am puting [CAEAGLLayer] paintView for filling colors. I am filling colors in outline image by drawings lines onscreen based on […]

NSXMLParser stops parsing after encountering special character

I am reading a XML file from google weather api and parsing it using NSXMLParser. The city in question is Paris. Here is a brief xml output I get <?xml version=”1.0″?> <xml_api_reply version=”1″> <weather module_id=”0″ tab_id=”0″ mobile_row=”0″ mobile_zipped=”1″ row=”0″ section=”0″ ><forecast_information> <city data=”Paris, Île-de-France”/> <postal_code data=”Paris”/> <latitude_e6 data=””/> <longitude_e6 data=””/> … … Now the code […]

Cocoapods Test Issue – Duplicate “one of the two will be used. which one is undefined.”

I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a couple days and haven’t found a solution. Whenever I try to run a test I receive the error shown below that there are duplicate classes. I tried these answers but I’m still receiving the duplicate error and my tests won’t run Cocoapods Warning – CocoaPods did […]

Objective-C/Xcode 6: Best way to have a Search Bar populate a table view?

I have table view with a Search Bar above it. My intention is to have users enter a query in the search bar and have the table view populate with results – either when the user presses enter or as they’re typing. After reading a number of tutorials, I selected the Search Bar and Search […]

iOS drawing screen video capture not smooth

I am creating an application in which we can able to draw using our finger in an imageView , the same time we can record the screen also. I have done these features so far , but the problem is once the video recording is completed , if we play the recorded video the finger […]

Xcode Core Data: Change existing XML to Sqlite (NSXMLStoreType to NSSQLiteStoreType)

On my first app I used within my persistant store coordinater a NSXMLStoreType. [storeCooordinator addPersistentStoreWithType:NSXMLStoreType configuration:nil URL:storeURL options:options error:nil]; Now, I like to change to a NSSQLiteStoreType: [storeCooordinator addPersistentStoreWithType:NSSQLiteStoreType configuration:nil URL:storeURL options:options error:nil]; The app crashes, if I simply change the store type. So what I have to do? May I have to do once: […]