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Upload Facebook image URL to Firebase Storage

I am trying to upload the users facebook profile picture to Firebase Storage. let dictionary = result as? NSDictionary let data = dictionary?.objectForKey(“data”) let urlPic = (data?.objectForKey(“url”))! as! String print(urlPic) //Direct link to facebook profile picture print(“Down Casting to a string”) print(“\(urlPic)”) The code above gives me the url to the facebook picture. So that […]

simulator .app for ios 10 not working in ios 8

Basically I ran my project into iOS 10 and copied the .app from there and tried to run it on iOS 8 simulator on a different machine but its not getting installed. But ideally it should get installed and run perfectly. so ios 10 simulator .app is compatible with only iOS 10 for iOS 8 […]

Deployment target 6.0 on Xcode 8.0

The lowest deployment target on Xcode 8.0 is 8.0 (If I choose from the list). If I try to change it manually I get a warning: Applications using launch screen files and targeting iOS 7.1 and earlier need to also include a launch image in an asset catalog. I have a launch images in assets.xcassets. […]

TLS V 1.1 and TLS V 1.2 iOS issue

Couple of questions: Do I still need to add NSAppTransportSecurity feature to my info.plist if my servers are already running TLS1.2? If yes, why? shouldn’t all apple devices runniNG iOS9 or >iOS10.11 versions be okay with the TLS1.2 setting? What is forward secrecy? why do I need to enable or disable it for specific domains? […]

Xcode crashing when deleting iPad RR variant

I am in my storyboard, modifying an attributed UILabel, having created a regular variant as well as a R R variant. I then decide that I no longer want the R R variant, so I click the x to remove it and boom, Xcode crashes. So I load back in try and do the same […]

ASIFormDataRequest works on simulator but not on device?

I am using ASIFormDataRequest to post three values which are a url, a title and a summary. All of them works fine on simulator but its not working on device. Here are the code that I’m using: – (IBAction)addLinkPressed:(UIButton *)sender { ASIFormDataRequest *loginRequest = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@”http://MyWebsite.com/login.php”]]; [loginRequest setRequestMethod:@”POST”]; [loginRequest setPostValue:[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@”defaultUsername”] forKey:@”username”]; [loginRequest […]

Display image from path in imageView in ios

This question already has an answer here: Loading an Image from documents directory 6 answers

How to check App slicing feature in iOS without uploading it to Appstore

I am working on App slicing feature and set all images in asset, i need to check that feature without uploading on Appstore. Is that possible? is there any way by which we can get .IPA file and check it’s size or resources.

“UI Testing Failure: Did not receive view did disappear notification within 2.0s” error

I am trying to record a UI test case and run it back, but I am running into this error. Basically, in my application when I land on the home screen, the user is asked to allow use of notification and location. After I record these events and try to segue to another VC, it […]

Download image from iCloud Drive iOS objective C

I have gone through many links, but nothing worked for me. All i need to do is fetch all iCloud Drive files and download images. I succeeded fetching all files using below code – (void)presentDocumentPicker { NSArray *documentTypes = @[@”public.content”, @”public.text”, @”public.source-code “, @”public.image”, @”public.audiovisual-content”, @”com.adobe.pdf”, @”com.apple.keynote.key”, @”com.microsoft.word.doc”, @”com.microsoft.excel.xls”, @”com.microsoft.powerpoint.ppt”]; UIDocumentPickerViewController *documentPickerViewController = [[UIDocumentPickerViewController alloc] […]