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TableViewCell is piled up and appear again and again

I implemented TableView with ADLively TableView. But if I scroll tableView, the cell’s texts become to be piled up again and again…. Using “cell.textLabel” is good, adding UILabel is not good than that but if I use “cell.textLabel”, I can’t resize width of textLabel. (I want to add UIImageView on the left and right side […]

How to change button title from table static cells?

I have HomeViewController that’s segued modally to a Navigation Controller with an identifier of: pickSubjectAction And on SubjectPickerTableViewController is where my subjects to choose. This is my code import UIKit class SubjectPickerTableViewController: UITableViewController { var subjects:[String] = [ “English”, “Math”, “Science”, “Geology”, “Physics”, “History”] var selectedSubject:String? { didSet { if let subject = selectedSubject { […]

Semantic issues while running unity arkit project in xcode beta

I have taken a unity example and exported the project as an ios project. But while building I am getting semantic issues as shown in picture : Same project is working on another mac but not on my iMac. OS Version : 10.13 Beta Xcode Version : Xcode beta 9

Passing data while dismissing a view

I’m working on an app with two different views which can modally present a “settings” viewController with a tableView embedded in it. To pass the data from the embedded tableView to the first two views I would have to use prepareForSegue in each view transition (to my understanding). However, when I’m in the Settings view […]

Xcode 8 and ipod touch

This question already has an answer here: How to get iPod Touch simulator in Xcode 6.1 1 answer

App rejection issue 2.5.1: Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected (Since iOS10)

we just got my rejection from Apple about some non-public API “contectId”. The only thing I have done since I upgraded to the latest Xcode and Titanium SDK (Also with the newest macOS), this became a problem. I know that there’s steps here in the message, but is this an Titanium bug or something? — […]

Do i need to Enable WAL mode to copy .SQLite from bundle to Document directory?

My current application only copying .sqlite file (WAL MODE = DELETE). Everything went smoothly , the new copied myfile.sqlite also contain data perfectly. When I execute a fetch request , the execution has no error , and BOOL (success) is 1 . BUT the returned array always EMPTY. Core Data Basics: Preload Data and Use […]

Alerts on iPhone X shows different color with UIAlertController popup

I have an app I built in Xcode 8 for iOS 10 originally. I recently upgraded to Xcode 9 and have been making fixes to my app for the iPhone X and iOS 11. One issue I’m having a lot of trouble with is how to make the whole screen (including the area by the […]

How to build and deploy an ios api file in real device using MAC

i am new to mac, so for i have installed xcode and successfully added the platform for ios. When i give adb devices i am not able to detect my device name for iphone but when i connect android and give adb devices i am getting my device . when i give ionic build ios […]

CollectionView in TableViewCell scroll isn't smooth in swift3

In my project CollectionView in TableViewCell isn’t display and I added cell.collectionView.reloadData() in my code. After I added, CollectionView displayed in TableViewCell, but ScrollView isn’t smooth. How to solve this problem. If someone have any experience or ideas help me. Thanks. func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier: […]