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how to show Custom user location programmatically

Hey I’m a beginner and learning Ios App development and i want to know that how to set the the user location programmatically like we did here using IDE (Custom Location) :- I setup everything and location system is working fine in my simulator (fake location) what i have to do if i want to […]

IOS / PASSBOOK: Download a file (.pkpass) from dynamic link from IOS webview

I’m developing a simple IOS app. It’s a webview with navigation buttons that allows the user to navigate into my web. I’m programming at Xcode 8.2.1 (Objetive C) with a universal device target. In one of my URLs I show a dynamic link (that changes at each session) to allow the user to download a […]

I'm trying to use Dynamic Buttons by a GitHub source but the do not work

@IBOutlet weak var dynamicButton: DynamicButton! override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() let dynamicButton = DynamicButton(style: DynamicButtonStyle.hamburger) dynamicButton.setStyle(DynamicButtonStyle.close, animated: true) } I’m getting the hamburger button with a bounce effect but I cannot see any transition. This is the source : https://github.com/YannickL/DynamicButton

Calling report achievements performance?

If I have a Mario running and every step he takes I call this function: static func updateRunAchievement(steps: Int) { guard steps > 100 else { return } let achievement = GKAchievement(identifier: “marioran100steps”) achievement.percentComplete = 100 let achievementArray: [GKAchievement] = [achievement] GKAchievement.reportAchievements(achievementArray, withCompletionHandler: { (error) in if error != nil { print(“error: \(error)”) } }) […]

Value of type 'UIViewController' has no member 'varView'

Please help fast override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) { var DestVC = segue.destinationViewController as UIViewController var indexPath : NSIndexPath = self.tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow! DestVC.varView = indexPath.row // This is the error line } The error is Value of type ‘UIViewController’ has no member ‘varView’

Qt XCode iOS entry point

I am trying to port QT5 application to iOS. It builds and runs fine with QtCreator, but now I am trying to make manual XCode project. Next steps are gatheres from another topics, here is my final path: It builds and runs, but I got runtime error: Error: You are creating QApplication before calling UIApplicationMain. […]

Xcode failed with exit code 71

I tried to build Qt iOS project but got this issue. Now I try to build this project in the Xcode but get this error: error: can’t exec ‘/Applications/Xcode’ (No such file or directory) Command /Applications/Xcode failed with exit code 71 How can I resolve it?

swift ios alpha numeric regex that allows underscores and dashes

I am using this lib for validation and are trying to add my own regex. What I want to do is to make a regex that allows alphanumeric A-Z 0-9 together with dashes and unserscores -_ I have tryed let regex = “[a-zA-Z0-9_-]” but I cant get it to work. I also want the regex […]

Swift-Application with Login and offlinemodus

maybe this is for many of you a very simple question but I need some tipps. I will create a app, which can be used online and offline. At the webserver is symfony with the FOSUserBundle used. Login and working in the webbrowser works very well. My aim is: Start the app on a iOS-Device. […]

in-app purchase show warning not available inapp in iTunes connect

iTunes shows warning for in-app purchase creating Your first In-App Purchase(s) must be submitted with a new app version. Select them from the In-App Purchases section of the Version Details page and then click Ready to Upload Binary. like below screenshot : i am try lot of instruction fixing this issue but not work,i am […]