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UITableViewCell with Checkmark, duplicating checkmarks

So far search on Stack Overflow I havent found a situation that is like mine. Any assistance is greatly appreciated: I keep seeing that if I put a checkmark on Person A, Person H will also have one as well as does a person about 10 away. Basically abut every 10 it repeats a check […]

How do i compile my app in Xcode with these errors – LibCurl

I’ve been porting icy (iPhone Debian-Based Package manager — Jailbreak ) to iOS 5. i’ve allready ported it once 4.0 came out, but now i’m getting errors wich untill now, i didn’t solve. When i build icy in iOS Simulator it has zero errors, but when i build it on my actual device, i’m getting […]

Error ITMS-90017: This bundle is invalid. The IPA format requires a top-level directory named Payload

I’m trying to upload binary onto iTunesConnect using Xcode 8.2.1 but got below error This post didn’t helped much. Earlier I had this issue but got it resolved by renaming bundle ids of pod file to com.companyName.AppName And this worked correctly. Any quick fix?

Xcode Failed to create a provisioning profile

I have an iOS app I am trying to develop and test in Xcode. However, I get the error below. I do not have a physical Apple device, but would like to test this on an iOS Simulator. I thought this should launch a Simulator if I press the play button, as I have selected […]

Thread1:exc_bad_access error – Programatic Modal View

I have been trying to get a Modal view to display with a transparant background – which I have managed programatically with the help of @Tommaso Resti Modal View Transparant background – stop lower layer hiding? Prior to implementing the modal view programatically I had it connected via a segue – the modal (which has […]

Google OAuth 2.0 invalid_client Unauthorized

I used this code to authorize Google+ via OAuth 2.0 oauthswift = OAuth2Swift( consumerKey: “984813079630-f828a92sqtl5lgumd4kgp9i30bs9og09.apps.googleusercontent.com”, consumerSecret: “AIzaSyD13MBv78yWIjl4TX9jOOT9AWuEkYdVSPQ”, authorizeUrl: “https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/v2/auth”, accessTokenUrl: “https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token”, responseType: “code” ) let handle = oauthswift.authorize( withCallbackURL: URL(string: “com.googleusercontent.apps.984813079630-f828a92sqtl5lgumd4kgp9i30bs9og09:/oauth”)!, scope: “profile”, state:”GOOGLE”, success: { credential, response, parameters in print(credential.oauthToken) // Do your request }, failure: { error in print(error.localizedDescription) print((error as OAuthSwiftError).errorUserInfo) } […]

Too many arguments to method call, expected 1, have 2?(Xcode)

There are many other similar questions to this one, but there is a lack of answers and they vary for each project. I have this error ‘Too many arguments to method call, expected 1, have 2?’ But on the previous arrays that I used this error did not occur? it could be a problem with […]

How to search(Predicate) content from list like Xcode suggestion?

I think everyone notice XCode suggestions list. Check this screenshot As per Apple document doesn’t provide what expected ouptut. NSPredicate *inPredicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @”attribute CONTAINS[cd] %@”, aCollection]; Provide continuous search text only. Is this possible, How to search content like this?

Large database – Best way to display data on device?

I am currently creating an iOS app, which connects to a database and asynchronously downloads a JSON object of data to display in a table view. As it currently stands, this is an ok way to do it. However, when the database starts getting much larger, this will cause a massive inconvenience. I’m reasonably proficient […]

Error when updating core data in the background

I use this function to delete and then add core data in the background: – (void) resetDatabase { count++; dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue( DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, 0), ^(void){ ConDAO *con = [[ConDAO alloc] init]; DatabaseManager *manager = [DatabaseManager sharedManager]; NSError * error; NSURL * storeURL = [[[manager managedObjectContext] persistentStoreCoordinator] URLForPersistentStore:[[[[manager managedObjectContext] persistentStoreCoordinator] persistentStores] lastObject]]; [[manager managedObjectContext] reset];//to drop pending changes […]