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Kontakt iBeacon returning nil

I have an app which is showing properties of iBeacons which brand of Estimote and Kontakt. I have a problem with Kontakt iBeacons. The problem is ; some properties of Kontakt iBeacons are returning nil which properties are firmware,password and managerUUID. I had a same problem with Estimote but I solved with used connect method […]

make custom view stick to top of the keyboard while rotating device

My app is iPad only and the root view is embedded in a navigation controller which has two sub views: 1) a UITextView (not UITextField) which covers the whole area except for the navigation bar. 2) another UIView which serves as a tool bar. It covers the UITextView and initially stays at the bottom of […]

Parse iOS – Send push notification at specific time

A part of my app currently lets a user schedule appointments using a UIDatePicker. They press a button and my backend does some work with the date to store the appointment data, then I send a push using the following code: NSString *objectID = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”user_%lu”, (unsigned long)self.salespersonObject.userID]; PFPush *push = [PFPush new]; [push setChannel:[NSString […]

Loading data after one second in uitableview. Any alternate way to eliminate this delay

NSURL *url=[NSURL URLWithString:string]; dispatch_queue_t backgroundQueue = dispatch_queue_create(“com.example.workQueue”, DISPATCH_QUEUE_SERIAL); dispatch_async(backgroundQueue, ^{ NSData *data=[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:url]; NSDictionary *json=[NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:data options:kNilOptions error:nil]; NSLog(@”%@”,json); marray=[NSMutableArray array]; for (NSDictionary *dict in json) { } dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ [self.tableView reloadData]; }); }); Is this the right way to handle data and reload the table in Objective C? If yes, then I still see […]

Warning about sendsynchronousRequest:returningResponse:error: is deprecated:first seprecated in ios 9-

And it says use [NSURLSession sharedsession] dataTaskwithRequest:request completionHandler:] So here my code: NSData *returnData = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:request returningResponse:nil error:nil]; I changed above code to like this: NSData *returnData = [[NSURLSession sharedSession] dataTaskWithRequest:request completionHandler:nil]; I got 2 warning: Null passed to a callee that requirs a non-null argument Incomplete pointer type initializing ‘NSData’ with a expression […]

iOS Admob Firebase SDKs with/without cocoapods

I was trying to add cocoapods for admob firebase in my iOS app. But pod intsall command took too much time. Now i want to add firebase admob directly without cocoapods. I have downloaded whole SDK from https://dl.google.com/firebase/sdk/ios/3_5_2/Firebase.zip . It shows several folder with like AdMob Analytics, AppIndexing, Auth,Crash, Database,DynamicLinks, Invites, Messaging, RemoteConfig, Storage. For […]

Make Button touchUpInside FBLoginView

I have a FBLoginView with property loginButton, and I want to make a button that is not in the same view fire this FBLoginView built in button feature. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks

Programatically setting a User Defined Runtime Attribute

I added a User Defined Runtime Attribute to a UIButton using Interface Builder. The attribute is named strokeColor, and is of type Color. I try to set it programatically, as follows: UIColor *someColor = [UIColor yellowColor]; [myButton setValue:someColor forKey:@”strokeColor”]; The second line crashes, and I get the following error: ‘*** Terminating app due to uncaught […]

iOS: Saving managed object context takes over 1 second after a while

Strange problem, and strangely only since yesterday. I have a fetched results controller in which you can reorder the rows without any problem. After a fresh start of the app, everything works fine and fast. However if you change from this tab bar to another tab bar and edit some random textfield (which isn’t even […]

Memory not being released right even dealloc method is called after dismissing view controller

What am I doing is I am creating lots of UIView in the background and keep them in a NSMutableArray to use later. But when I dismiss the view controller I check the memory in Xcode and it seems some of memory not being released. I checked; view controller is being deallocated. Check please: This […]