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iOS some problems during download multiple images and update UIProgressView

I have this 3 classes. MyViewController.m (click to see code) MySync.m (click to see code) ImageDownload.m (click to see code) When I download a image, I try to update the UIProgressView in my UIViewController, but the update are delayed, and I see a strange problem (see the blank space in attach image). When all downloads […]

XCode compile time error on simultor

I am trying to build my XCode project and this is what I get. The project runs fine on a device but fails to run on simulator. Can someone please explain me why this is happening. I have tried removing this library from the project and add it again. It still fails to run on […]

How to convert a view-based iOS project an universal build?

I have a view-based iOS cocoa touch application built and is running on iPhone.Now I need to convert it as an universal application in order to run that on both iPhone and iPad.I dont know how to change a view-based as an universal build application. How can I convert it?

video orientation UIImagePickerController

I am choosing videos using UIImagePickerController, then uploading the video to a web server using ASIHTTPRequest. However, videos that were shot with the iPhone held upside-down in landscape or portrait are inverted on the web server. When those uploaded videos are viewed on an iPhone, they are also scaled thy 75% or so vertically so […]

How to read seperate fields in a csv file and compare with user input?

I am building an app where use can upload a csv file that contains First Name, Last Name and email in 3 seperate columns. User interface will have 3 text fields and a button. When user enters the first name or last name or email, and click search button, the whole documenent must be searched […]

Static cells in UITableViewController opening different URL on the same nib

I am quite new to UITableViewController, I would like to make a static cells UITableViewController and each static cells open up the same nib file but the URL of the UIWebView will be different. e.g. row 1 will open google.com and row 2 in yahoo.com. May I know how can i do that? Thanks

How to fit view controller for all iPhones?

I’m working on some apps and I am seriously sad about setting the viewcontroller. Whenever I try my app on different iPhones it looks so fitful. I just want to see my app automatically resized on all iPhones. I made an example app to explain better. This is the iPhone 5 screen and this is […]

UIImageview Animation Starts using for-in loop and animation delays

I need to animate an UIimageview and when i start animation it happens after long time and i found that memory is leaked somewhere at the time of continuous animation for various image views. All I need to do is i have n number of UIviews in scroll view and each view have an custom […]

Added table view cells follow 1 custom style?

I am wanting to create a custom UITableView cell. I would like to know how to do this. I understand how to actually create it and write code for it, but how can i create 1 style and then when i have more cells added, i want the same style. How can i do this? […]

Passing custom objects between two iOS Apps

I need some help on something. I have two apps under my account. I need to pass a custom object from App A to App B. How can I do this using app groups ? I saw that using URL schemes is a old a way of doing it. So what is the newest way […]