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Error: Protocol not available, dumping backtrace

This question already has an answer here: Hide strange unwanted Xcode logs 11 answers

How to schedule a local notification in iOS 10 (objective-c)

I’d like to schedule local notifications using iOS 10. I’d like to know how to do this. I’ve looked all around the web, but I keep finding clues only for registering and handeling the notifications. Not for the scheduling of a local notification. So, does anyone know how to do this?

Build app for IOS 9.3 and 10.0

I’m fairly new to iOS app development. I have had a quick look but can’t find an answer but sorry in advance if this is a duplicate. I have an iOS app developed in Swift 2.3 using the 9.3 SDK but I also want it to work on 10.0. I have set the Base SDK […]

simulator .app for ios 10 not working in ios 8

Basically I ran my project into iOS 10 and copied the .app from there and tried to run it on iOS 8 simulator on a different machine but its not getting installed. But ideally it should get installed and run perfectly. so ios 10 simulator .app is compatible with only iOS 10 for iOS 8 […]

How to change button title from table static cells?

I have HomeViewController that’s segued modally to a Navigation Controller with an identifier of: pickSubjectAction And on SubjectPickerTableViewController is where my subjects to choose. This is my code import UIKit class SubjectPickerTableViewController: UITableViewController { var subjects:[String] = [ “English”, “Math”, “Science”, “Geology”, “Physics”, “History”] var selectedSubject:String? { didSet { if let subject = selectedSubject { […]

Sticker Pack Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group

WWDC 2016 came up with a new concept of creating Sticker Pack & push it to store from iOS10 onwards. I downloaded XCode 8 Beta, & tried to create a sticker pack app for the message extensions. I did everything as explained but on building the project I am getting error Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler […]

Codesign error – SecKey API returned: -67671

When I try to run codesign of a particular app, I get an error: /Users/xxx/xxxxxx/xxxxx.app: replacing existing signature SecKey API returned: -67671 (null)/Users/xxx/xxxxxx/xxxxx.app unknown error -1=ffffffffffffffff Any idea what this means?

Swift 3 & iOS 10 false memory leak bug

There seems to be a (false) memory leak bug in Xcode 8 when using with iOS 10 & Swift 3. The following code reports a memory leak in Instruments and the Xcode 8 memory debugger: class SomeClass: NSObject { var view: SomeView! deinit { print(“SomeClass deinit”) } } class SomeView: UIView { weak var reference: […]

3D Touch Shortcut Widget

i’m trying to implement new “quick menu widget” in iOS 10 available with 3dtouch. My app has multiple today extension and apple guidelines report If your app has multiple widgets, pick one to appear in the quick action menu that appears when someone applies pressure to your app icon on the Home screen using 3D […]

Visual Studio Cordova deploy to remote iOS 10 Device Failing

I had successfully set up remote deployment from Visual Studio on my Windows machine to iOS 9.x devices with Xcode 7.x on my mac by following this guide. https://taco.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/ios-guide/ With iOS 10 you need to upgrade to Xcode 8 and do some tweaking to get your developer team identifier in the build config to get […]