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Core data crash occurring since iOS 10

I’ve been struggling to resolve a locally-unreproducible crash since iOS 10 within the sqlite/coredata library. It’s occurring very infrequently – somewhere in the realm of 0.2% in production. What I know (or at least suspect): It only happens on iOS 10 and above. Most often occurs while saving the context, but may also be occurring […]

Today's extension iOS10 Show More/Less

Had updated the today’s extension for iOS 10 implement the delegate method: -(void)widgetActiveDisplayModeDidChange:(NCWidgetDisplayMode)activeDisplayMode withMaximumSize:(CGSize)maxSize { if (activeDisplayMode == NCWidgetDisplayModeCompact){ [UIView animateWithDuration:0.25 animations:^{ self.preferredContentSize = maxSize; [self.view layoutIfNeeded]; }]; } else if (activeDisplayMode == NCWidgetDisplayModeExpanded){ newHeight = [self getNewWidgetHeight]; [UIView animateWithDuration:0.25 animations:^{ self.preferredContentSize = CGSizeMake(0, newHeight); [self.view layoutIfNeeded]; }]; } } everything work fine. But if […]

AVFAudio playback crash on iOS 10

I’ve got an app with a very basic audio component: a looping set of background songs played with an AVAudioPlayer (song filenames stored as an array). Everything has been working fine for months, but iOS 10 is crashing for a significant number of my users (thousands per day). The problem is, I can’t figure out […]

collectionViewContentSize in iOS 10 using self-sizing cells

Prior to iOS 10, I had a self-sizing table view that solely consisted of a UICollectionView with self-sizing cells using a standard UICollectionViewFlowLayout. The collection view cells are sized using auto-layout. In order for the table cell to size itself correctly, I had to find the collection view’s content size and use that within the […]

iOS 10 barTintColor animation

I’ve noticed a change in the way bar tint color animates in ios 10. I’ve created a sample project outlining the change: Github: ios10BarTintDemo Basically on ios 9 the barTintColor animates smoothly using [UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator animateAlongsideTransition] but on ios 10 the animations are much less smooth and when popping a view controller doesn’t animate at all, […]

CFRelease crash in iOS10

Below is my code, which used to work fine till iOS 9. – (NSData *)encryptWithDataPublicKey:(NSString*)data keyTag:(NSString*)tag { SecKeyRef publicKey = NULL; NSData *publicTag = [NSData dataWithBytes:[tag UTF8String] length:[tag length]]; NSMutableDictionary *queryPublicKey = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init]; [queryPublicKey setObject:(__bridge id)kSecClassKey forKey:(__bridge id)kSecClass]; [queryPublicKey setObject:publicTag forKey:(__bridge id)kSecAttrApplicationTag]; [queryPublicKey setObject:(__bridge id)kSecAttrKeyTypeRSA forKey:(__bridge id)kSecAttrKeyType]; [queryPublicKey setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES] forKey:(__bridge id)kSecReturnRef]; OSStatus […]

iOS 10: UITableViewCell's delete button custom height

Using custom UITableViewCell, I’m trying to change the height of tableViewCell’s delete button. I’ve tried all the solutions available here on SO. Everyone has mentioned that in customTableViewCell class we need to override layoutSubviews method and iterate over self.subViews to find a subView which should be equal to UITableViewCellDeleteConfirmationView or in other iOS versions it […]

Quicklook/QLPreviewController delegate methods are not calling in iOS 10 Xcode 8

Currently I am testing my current version in iOS10. I am using Xcode 8 beta 6 for testing. Here Quicklook/QLPreviewController delegate methods are not calling. This code set had been worked with XCode 7 and iOS 9.3 versions. I checked this issue in Apple Developer forum. But could not find a answer. Anyone have fixed […]

Falling back to loading access token from NSUserDefaults because of simulator bug

Xcode log show the above error while running in Xcode 8.1, ios 10.1. Is there any problem or should I ignore and continue?

XCode 8 – How to solve an Auto resizing issue on XCode version 8.0?

I used XCode version 7.2.1 for my project. But I updated the XCode version 8.0 now. Though the scroll view is messed in view controllers of my project. Here I have used Resizing only not an Auto layout. I referred many forums. But can’t able to find a solution for that. Here I have attached […]