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iOS 7 – Disable UITabBarItem tint color

I have a UITabBar with five icons, most of them being flat with just one color. However, one of these buttons should not have a tint color, since it’s the company’s logo and the logo has various different colors. I know it’s possible to to so with UINavigationBar and UIToolbar (which is what I’m using […]

SKStoreProductViewController rate disabled on iOS 7

So I noticed that Apple changed SKStoreProductViewController, disabling the “Write a Review” button. Is there any workaround or fix for this issue?

Programmatically refresh screenshot in iOS7 multitasking screen?

I have a music player app which implements background audio. I’m trying to update the screenshot in the iOS7 multi-tasking switcher when the track changes. So, if I background the app during Song A, it finishes and Song B comes on, if I then go into the tray I’d like to see a screenshot showing […]

BTLE 4.0 – ConnectBlue Low Energy Serial Port Service

I am looking for a way to load data from an embedded device via a serial port (RS232) to an iPhone. The app needs to be on the AppStore and our company is not part of the MFI program. Before you say, it can’t be done, we are looking into Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 as […]

iOS 7 status bar background

I have some view controllers with a toolbar at top and look like this How I can fill the status bar background to match the toolbar background so its match the new iOS 7 style?

People Picker with ios 7, and ios 8

This question already has an answer here: ABPeoplePickerNavigationController changes with iOS8? 3 answers

SpriteKit conveyor belt

I am trying to create a conveyor belt effect using SpriteKit like so MY first reflex would be to create a conveyor belt image bigger than the screen and then move it repeatedly forever with actions. But this does not seem ok because it is dependent on the screen size. Is there any better way […]

Multipeer Connectivity crash when inviting peer that stopped advertising

I have the following scenario: Peer A is waiting for invitations in a custom UI (let’s call it WaitingVC). The MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser object is initialized at application start, and the advertising starts (startAdvertisingPeer) when the WaitingVC is presented. Peer B has the MCNearbyServiceBrowser up and running, also with custom UI (that is, not using the Apple […]

Merge video files with their original audio in iOS

I need to merge two video files along with their corresponding audio. I tried using : http://www.raywenderlich.com/13418/how-to-play-record-edit-videos-in-ios The videos gets merged, but their audio is missing. It’s like a muted video. I need the audio also to be merged. I also googled on this, couldn’t find anything useful. Can someone help me on this please…

AFNetworking 2.0 Reachability not working

I’m having some trouble making AFNetworking Reachability module to work. I have setup my AFHTTPRequestOperationManager with a ReachabilityStatusChangeBlock but it’s never being called. self.manager = [[AFHTTPRequestOperationManager alloc] initWithBaseURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@”″]]; self.manager.responseSerializer = [AFJSONResponseSerializer serializer]; NSOperationQueue *operationQueue = self.manager.operationQueue; [self.manager.reachabilityManager setReachabilityStatusChangeBlock:^(AFNetworkReachabilityStatus status) { switch (status) { case AFNetworkReachabilityStatusNotReachable: // we need to notify a delegete when internet […]