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Adding key to IPad keyboard

i am currently working on an iPad application, my client wants to add Function keys as in normal keyboard on Top of keypad which i have done. Problem is he wants a “Fn” key in the iPad system keyboard which ll show the Function keys when clicked. Is it possible without jail break ? as […]

Overriding internal UIViewController methods because an internal method is giving me bugs

What are the consequences of overriding internal UIViewController methods? [UIViewController viewDidMoveToWindow:shouldAppearOrDisappear:] is giving me some problems. It resizes my frame to values I do not desire sometimes. I do not even know where it picks off the new frame’s values (it is close to the size of the superview to where I am adding it, […]

How do I know if text exceeds the bounds of a text view?

I would like to know when text exceeds the bounds of a UITextView and requires the user to scroll. Knowing how many lines a certain font will occupy is useless – how do I know how many lines a certain amount of text will take up? In the image above, I would add a fade […]

in UiWebView – NSURLConnection/CFURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -108)

When I open a link in UIWebView and click on facebook icon of content of that URL it gives the following error 2014-01-09 13:15:14.412 AppName[2067:5407] CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed (-108) 2014-01-09 13:15:14.412 AppName[2067:5407] CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed (-108) 2014-01-09 13:15:15.063 AppName[2067:5407] CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed (-108) 2014-01-09 13:15:15.064 AppName[2067:5407] NSURLConnection/CFURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -108) I also search […]

Eraser for UIBezierPath

I am using UIBezierPath for free hand drawing in iPad app. I want to apply eraser for this UIBezierPath. But i want to only erase the drawing by this path. i cannot use the path color as background color since i have other elements on the background. Can anybody help me. Following is my code […]

Disallow UIScrollView from catching subviews touches

I’ve got a UIScrollView covered with a custom UIView which desperatly needs to listen to all the touch events that happen inside of him. At first, all I was getting was touchesBegan: and touchesCancelled: events. No touchesMoved:, no touchesEnded:. In fact, all the dragging gestures where being canceled by the above UIScrollView. This was solved […]

iPhone / iPad user profile tracking

My iphone app downloads user specific data from our web server. How can I identify a unique user/device? cookie? ip address? or do I need them to register first? What are some issues I need to be aware of? best practices?

APNS notification received but not display

I am trying to implement pushnotification. I get pushed message when app is running state. – (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary *)userInfo { NSLog(@”\n\n\n apns==%@\n\n\n”,userInfo); } my problem is when I pushed message when app is not running means badge count only show on the app icon. It will not display the alert like close and view […]

NSUserDefaults won't save NSDictionary

I’m writing an application which uses NSUserDefaults as the data storage mechanism, and am hitting a problem when trying to save data (that conforms to the Property List protocols): + (BOOL)storeAlbum:(Album *)album { NSUserDefaults *prefs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; NSMutableDictionary *albums = (NSMutableDictionary *)[prefs objectForKey:@”my_adventure_book_albums”]; NSLog(@”Existing albums: %@”,albums); if (!albums) albums = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObject:album forKey:@”album”]; else […]

How to give padding to UITextField in iOS?

I want to give padding from left into the textfield.I have added a background image to textfield due to which text in textfield always start from very left edge.I have tried below solution but that does not work for too many text fields. UIView *fieldEmail = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 10, 10)]; self.txt_fname.leftViewMode = UITextFieldViewModeAlways; […]