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Universal application with Portrait orientation for iPhone and Landscape orientation for iPad

I’m creating a Universal application using Swift. I have used Storyboard and Auto-Layouts. Requirement is of creating a universal application which will support Portrait orientation only for iPhone and Landscape orientation only for iPad. I have developed UI for iPhone and now I will be starting iPad UI. Also UI created for iPhone is not […]

Swift UIActionSheet crashes on iPad?

I m currently running into complete frustrations as i can’t find any error, but my ActionSheet crashes on iPad but works well on iPhone here is the code of the action if (view.annotation.title as String!) == “San Francisco” { currentLat = 37.615223 currentLong = -122.389977 url = “www.google.de” let action:UIActionSheet = UIActionSheet(title: “Change Map Type”, […]

Searchbar cancel button not visible only on iPad

First I want to say I didn’t find any good answer about it in Swift. I created search bar. On button click it shows and on cancel it hides the searchbar. It is working properly, cancel button is visible on all iPhones but for some reason not on iPad. What should cause this? That is […]

Make navigation bar transparent regarding below image in iOS 8.1

I try to set my navigation bar transparent regarding a image below this, something like the following image : I tried the solution in transparent navigation bar ios but I don’t get the above result, I get only the icon on the left but without any color in the navigation bar, completely transparent. But if […]

Obscure a UITextField password

I am doing a login page. I have UITextField for password. Obviously, I do not want the password to be seen; instead, I want circles to show when typing. How do you set the field for this to happen?

How to present a modal atop the current view in Swift

(Xcode6, iOS8, Swift, iPad) I am trying to create a classic Web-like modal view, where the outside of the dialog box is “grayed-out.” To accomplish this, I’ve set the alpha value of the backgroundColor of the view for the modal to 0.5, like so: self.view.backgroundColor = UIColor.blackColor().colorWithAlphaComponent(0.5) The only problem is that when the modal […]

Swift UIAlertController -> ActionSheet iPad iOS8 Crashes

currently i’m running into big trouble with my ActionSheet. On iPhone it works great, but on iPad it only crashes I create a new project with only one button import UIKit extension ViewController : UIActionSheetDelegate { func actionSheet(actionSheet: UIActionSheet, didDismissWithButtonIndex buttonIndex: Int) { if actionSheet.tag == 0 { if buttonIndex == 1 { // doing […]

“GPUImage.h” not found

I am trying to set up GPUImage in a project but I am not able to track down why I’m getting the error: “GPUImage.h” not found. I have added the framework, setup the target dependency, added the Header Search path as: framework, and added other linker flag -ObjC. Still no luck. I have included my […]

How to detect iPad user tap on keyboard hide button?

In my app I have some complex logic surrounding the hiding and showing of the keyboard. I am interested in detecting when the user (who has an iPad) specifically taps on the iPad keyboard hide button: I am not interested in detecting when the keyboard is supposed to hide, only when the user actually physically […]

ios how can I deselect game center and in-app-purchase when I try to register my app

I’m trying to register my app in the apple developer portal but there you can select the services your app is going to be using. by my problem is I’m not going to be using:”game center” or “in-app-purchase”. How can I deselect those? I’ll really appreciate your help.