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iOS AVfoundation overlay video with video

I have main video and I want to overlay it with another animated video with alpha channel like “Action Movie FX” application. How can I do it with AVfoundation, or can you suggest third-party framework? Thanks

How to implement modal popup view in iPad? Like facebook screen using sharekit?

Hi i want to implement ModalPopup view in iPad. How can i implement ? I do not know anything about that. Can anybody give me some guidelines? A small screen like facebook screen using sharekit. Thanks.

Replace a existing Custom Cell A with another Custom Cell B in Accordion Style – On Selection

Suppose there is Custom Cell A & B of different Height. Custom Cell A is loaded Default on UITableView. When User will Select Cell A it will remove that Cell and Add Cell B to that Position and vise versa. It will do the animation of re-sizing in Accordion style.

Releasing a UIView after removeFromSuperview crashes app

I have a UIView object and I add it as a subview it using [self.view addSubview:mySubView];. Afterwards I call [mySubView removeFromSuperview]; and then I try to do [mySubView release]; but app crashes here. Does RemoveFromSuperview also call release on mySubView?

JMImageCache in a simple test app crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS

In Xcode 5.0.2 I create a blank single view app for iPhone, then add a “male.png” image to the project, drag a UIImageView to the storyboard and finally add the following code to the viewDidLoad: _imageView.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@”male.png”]; This works well: Then I add the 4 files from JMImageCache project and change the ViewController.m […]

How to save UIWebView content into photo library

How to save UIWebView Content into photo Library -(IBAction)save:(id)sender{ UIImage* image = nil; UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(webView.frame.size); { image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext(); } UIGraphicsEndImageContext(); if (image != nil) { UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(image,self, nil, nil); } } This code is saving empty page.

how to sync data in multiplayer game(game-center ios)

I have been developing a game for Game Center. Description of game :- One player is initiator of game because game has 5 tiled-map (only one tile-map is selected randomly by either player(initiator)) . Initiator will send selected tile-map to second player, Now this tile-map will draw on second player side.(at this point both player […]

Custom UIActivityIndicator, that is part of customized Framework or as a Sub Class

Looking for some help on the best way to create a custom UIActivityIndicator. I think that ideally, it should be a SubClass of UIActivityIndicator so that we can easily distribute it to other apps that might want to take advantage of it, and easily drag and drop where it should go in Interface Builder. As […]

iOS camera UIView overlay full screen on iPad?

I’m trying to make an overlay on the camera mode on iPad. when the camera is in landscape mode, the overlay only covers 2/3 of the screen instead of the full screen. It is covering the whole screen in portrait mode however. My guess is the overlay could possibly be only showing in portrait size […]

iPhone/iPad: animated splash screen?

I want to create an animated logo that serves as the splash screen for my iphone/ipad app. I’m thinking of showing the default.png, which then transitions to an .mp4 (where the first frame of the .mp4 matches the default.png), plays a 3 second movie, fades out, and loads my application. Does anyone have any experience […]