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Sharing images in Google+ using iPhone App

Here i’m working with Google+ integration in IOS Apps.. I have gone through the Guidelines at link https://developers.google.com/+/mobile/ios/share And I have succeeded in the following aspect. –>>Sharing Text. –>>Sharing URLs. –>>Sharing App(Google+ App) icon and Description [Using deep linking]. But I have stuck in the following aspect. –>>Sharing an Local or URL Image. so..is there […]

ld: warning: section __DATA/__objc_imageinfo__DATA has unexpectedly large size

Does anyone know what this warning means? It is followed by the error: Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/llvm-gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1 This is an Xcode project for the iPad. I only see this when I compile for the simulator, not the device. I have linked a static library (*.a) to this project and that is where […]

Retrieving the key name on AVMetadataItem for an AVAsset in iOS

I am trying to identify the different metadata items on a video on the iPad. So far I was able to successfully use the AVAsset libraries to find the file, and generate an array of AVMetadataItems using metadataForFormat:. Only iTunes and Quicktime User data formats were found in the file. The issue is now that […]

Crash iPad Photo Picker

I am using the following function to activate either the device camera or the image picker depending on the result of a UIActionSheet. if fromCamera=YES then it works on both iPhone and iPad. if fromCamera=NO then it works on iPhone and the image picker appears. But it crashes on the iPad with the following error: […]

What is the difference between Search Bar vs. Search Bar & Search Display Controller?

What is the difference between Search Bar vs. Search Bar & Search Display Controller?

Extracting Unique Objects from a Data Array

I want to add names in a data array only if the name does not previously exist in the data array. When I attempt to print these names, I do get repetitions. Is there a way to solve this? -(NSMutableArray *)autoComplete { NSMutableArray *dataArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; NSString *url = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@45.25,-95.25&limit=100&client_id=Von0J4Bu6INiez5bGby2R&client_secret=50sUjSbg7dba8cQgtpdfr5Ns7wyYTqtmKpUU3khQ”,kWSURL]; NSDictionary * […]

iPhone Application Installation Link

How can I make My iPhone Application’s Installation Link ? Description : I want to make an installation link of my iPhone Application. If I send a link to somebody ans when he/she clicks on the link , it directly ask for “Do you want to install the App?” and if yes then Installs the […]

Core Data information in application

I have an app that I’m building where it has some data built into it that is contained in a core data data model. When I run the app to the simulator, the data is there and everything is peachy. However, when I deploy the app to the device (an iPad), the app works fine, […]

How to modify Xcode 4 Project to be Machine independent like Visual Studio or Eclipse behave

I’m very surprised not to be able to open my Xcode project on another mac, I have never that kind of problem with Visual Studio or Eclipse. I have tried this Info.plist file "no such file" error but it’s not enough. I have other errors like MyAppViewController files not found in some folder whereas I […]

How to restore purchases using MKStoreKit

My app was rejected from apple because it does not have a restore button, but I am using MKStoreKit, so if the app is purchased and the the device is wiped and the user click my purchase button again, it does re-download and ‘restore’ the app. So, can someone explain what they are asking me […]