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iOS 7 CoreBluetooth retrievePeripheralsWithIdentifiers not Retrieving

I am having an issue updating my CoreBluetooth code from iOS 6 to iOS 7. I can scan for Peripherals and make connections, however, I am not able to reconnect a Peripheral using the new CoreBluetooth methods offered within iOS 7. Here is a look at how I am trying to accomplish the reconnection: – […]

Determine if a view is inside of a Popover view

We have common views that we use in our application in many locations inside of UINavigationControllers. Occasionally the UINavigationControllers are inside of popover views. Now the views we put into the nav controllers modify their navigation controller’s toolbar buttons and, in some cases, use custom buttons that we’ve created. We need to be able to […]

GCDAsyncSocket background VOIP

I’m trying to implement this(Configuring Sockets for VoIP Usage) using this(CocoaAsyncSocket). To the best of my knowledge step 1 I have done, adding VOIP to background services in the plist, and below should be step 2 (Configure one of the app’s sockets for VoIP usage) – (void)socket:(GCDAsyncSocket *)sock didConnectToHost:(NSString *)host port:(UInt16)connectedPort { [CCV setLocalMode:FALSE]; [socket […]

iOs device-specific resources not working – ~iPad loading default XIB – universal app

I’m making a universal app based on the Utility App template. I’ve selected a universal app and the MainView.xib and MainView~iPad.xib work properly on both device types. On the iPad2, when I switch to the FlipsideView, it loads FlipsideView.xib even though there is a perfectly good FlipsideView~iPad.xib file in the project. The default xib is […]

UICollectionView – Zoom Transition like iOS7 Calendar

I’m trying to replicate the zoom-to-detail transitions of the iOS7 calendar (and photos) apps in my app with UICollectionView. I have a UICollectionView grid with flowlayout, and I set a new layout with much larger cell size to get the zoom-in transition. My problem is the content of the cell. In the calendar app, when […]

iPad title bars. Navbars or toolbars?

I see a bunch of apps for iPad with really cool title bars. These seem to be a combination of a navigation bar and a toolbar. They usually have a back button and a title as well as men other buttons. And a navbar only supports a left item, a right item and and title […]

Converting NSdata to bytes & then converting the first n bytes to int

I’ve an NSData object, First I want to convert NSData object to bytes, then read the first four bytes in this NSData object & then convert the first four bytes to their equivalent integer values. Any ideas on how to go about this? How about converting all the four bytes to a single positive integer […]

tutorial to create e-book read application – epub file formate

This question already has an answer here: Reading ePub format 6 answers

detecting iPhone app running on iPad in compatibility mode

My iPhone app (http://hexalex.com) is not universal but it has a feature that I’d like to enable for people playing on iPads. Is there some way to detect that you’re running on an iPad in compatibility mode? The UIDevice methods for detecting machine specs all return the values you would get on an iPhone (on […]

How to draw a background fast in cocos2d?

I’m toying with a small game on my iPad using cocos2d and I’ve run into some performance worries. I have a 512×512 image tiled as my background. That gives me around 40fps with 20 sprites (in a CCSpriteBatchNode), the code for the background is this: CCSprite *background; background = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@”oak.png” rect : CGRectMake(0, 0, […]