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Asynchronus for loop in iphone

the for loop looks like this , which i have written in view did load, so it takes more time to load this page. for (int i=3; i<[[[[dataDict objectForKey:@”rss”]objectForKey:@”channel”]objectForKey:@”item”]count]; i++) { if (i%3==0) { x=0; y++; } view=[[UIView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake((x*250)+5, (y*404)+6, 244, 400)]; [view setBackgroundColor:[UIColor whiteColor]]; view.layer.borderColor=[[UIColor whiteColor]CGColor]; view.layer.borderWidth=1.0; view.layer.cornerRadius = 5; view.layer.masksToBounds = YES; [scroller […]

UISlider does not redraw automatically

I’ve an UISlider on my app and I need sometimes to update not only its value but also its minimumValue. The values are changed but if I call the setValue method or assign a new value for my slider, it has the new value but the slider does not repaint itself to the position it […]

What is @interface UITableView (MyTableViewDelegate)

Im looking at some source code written by someone else and its intrigues me to see this line: @interface UITableView (MyTableViewGestureDelegate) Now I have previously seen only this: @interface MyTableView : UITableView <MyTableViewGestureDelegate> so I am a lil confused. Any ideas as what to what im looking at? Ben

gethostbyname xcode issues

Hey guys, I’m new at this stuff, but I’m trying to use gethostname() to work using xcode and the ipad. I’ve tried a couple of things, but they all seem to freeze up. So when I just do: host = gethostbyname(“website.com”); that works fine. I’d like to be able to change the website from within […]

SplitViewController with TabbarController

I am using the split View functionality in my app.I have to put tabbar in rootViewController. But when I add controllers in tabbar and add them into split view it doesnt split. It only shows detailViewController. Here is the code in application did finish launching: – (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { UIViewController *viewController2,*viewController3,*viewController4; rootViewController = [[[CategoryItemsList alloc] […]

Smooth reload of uitableview data when rows are deleted

I am trying to reload a uitableview when it scrolls to the bottom of the screen. I delete the first few rows and add more rows to the bottom. Before the news rows are added to the uitableview’s data source, i call the [tableview reloaddata] method. This is because i want the tableview to display […]

How to share all the data i have stored using sqlite database between two devices to reuse the data by dumping in another device

I have implemented an app in iPhone, (Objective-c) in that i have used SQLITE for data base. Now i need to share the data. Share Data: I need to send data trough mail. In that i attach my data base file (may be in csv format?) To re use my data in other’s application by […]

Release ad-hoc ed expired provisioning

sorry for my bad english but i’m italian. I have to release an app that will work on only a few devices. What should I do when the provisioning profile expires? Will the app continue to work or should I release it again with the updated profile? thx all

Is iAds not available for iPad apps?

I have an iPad app, which has a requirement for iAds. But in Library I could not find Ad Banner View. Is iAds not available for iPad? I am using iOS SDK 4.1 What are the other alternatives for implementing in an iPad app? Please Help and Suggest Thanks.

custom UITextField with image as a background blinking cursor issue

I have a custom UITextField with a UIImage as a background. Now when I type in a text into this UITextField and the cursor is blinking I get this: I don’t want to have a white image on the cursor blinking as it destroys the aesthetics. I tried playing around with this and tried setting […]