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How can I determine programmatically that my app is running on an iPhone, iPad or iPhone 4?

I just finish my iPhone game using cocos2d. But before I put it on the AppStore, I’d like to make it work on iPad (which have a bigger screen) and iPhone 4 (which have a bigger resolution). So, how can I determine programmatically that my app is running on an iPhone, iPad or iPhone 4, […]

Why UIButton does not require to alloc and init?

Why UIButton does not require to alloc and init call instead we use only UIButton *myBtn = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom];. Does the above line automatically alloc s and init the uibutton?? Is it necessary to release myBtn?,since i’m not using alloc and init explicitly. This may be a simple question but i don’t know the correct […]

What is the exact size of UIModalPresentationFormSheet in iPad

I am using following code for displaying a Screen/View Controller. SearchParams *nxt=[[SearchParams alloc] initWithNibName:@”SearchParams” bundle:nil]; UINavigationController *nvc=[[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:nxt]; nvc.modalPresentationStyle=UIModalPresentationFormSheet; [self.preLCtr.preCinescape_iPadViewController presentModalViewController:nvc animated:YES]; I am not sure about the size of PesentationSheet. I tried to take screenshots & take dimentions/size. But its not the exact solution. Question : What is the exact size of Present-Modal-Sheet […]

Consumable In-App Purchase and Restore Button

The Restore IAP button is required to all apps now, and if they don’t have Apple will reject the app. The questions is, what about consumable items? It seems logical that you can’t restore them, since the user will spend the extra coins on the game and that’s it. I’m storing the coins using NSUserDefaults, […]

How do I use UIPageViewController to load separate XIBs?

I’m delving into the new world of UIPageViewControllers and there are a lot of tutorials out there, however all of them seem to create one view, and then just use new instances of it with different content. I’d really like to be able to create multiple XIBs and then just chain them together with the […]

Can I release an app without the device?

I have created an iPad app and it is ready to go to the app store, but I can’t reach the .app file.. I think it is because I have to build through a real iPad device(which I don’t have)? So, can I build the app for archiving without an iPad, using like the simulator? […]

What's the difference between “Distribution” and “Release” build configurations?

They both sound like the same thing. Distribution == Release, somehow. Having a hard time figuring out what the difference is.

iPhone Developer' doesn't match any valid, non-expired certificate/private key pair-BUT I'm creating and Ipad app

Possible Duplicate: Code Sign error: The identity ‘iPhone Developer’ doesn’t match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain Why do I get this message when I have specified that I am developing for the iPad and not for the iPhone ? Is there a separate private key that I need ? When I […]

iPhone – Touch Area Detection

I am creating an app in which I am allowing user to touch above the line OR path. I want to do something like the user should be able to tap around 20 pixels of the line. I’ve googled a lot but found nothing.

Program to pass string from one view to another?

I have an iphone application containing two views The first view have a button, now i want to show the title of the button on the second view when that button is clicked. How can i do it because if we save the title into a string ,the string get emptied when second view is […]