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How to convert Date like “2012-12-26” to “december 26, 2012” in iOS ?

I want to convert date 2012-12-26 to december 26, 2012 in iOS? I am using websrvice and the data comes in this format 1990-12-26. I want to change this to december 26, 2012 format. This is what I am doing: lbl_Rightside.text = [rootElement stringValueForNode:@”date”]; NSLog(@”lbl_Rightside is %@”,lbl_Rightside.text); [lbl_Rightside release]; Getting date to this label on […]

iPhone app submission software requirements

I wanted to understand the things involved in iPhone app submission in terms of software requirements (not the steps to submit it on Apple iTunes Connect) When we download the IOS SDK, is XCode included in that ? If yes, what are the latest versions and approx size of them? When we develop the app […]

Installing new and old versions of Xcode

So I saw this post: http://mobiledevelopertips.com/xcode/download-and-install-older-versions-of-xcode-xcode-previous-releases.html about downloading older versions of Xcode. Up to now, I have always just downloaded the newest version of Xcode from the App Store and let it do its thing. Recently on one computer that has Xcode 4.5 installed on it, I noticed that if I create a new project, […]

Questions about Universal application in Xcode 4

I am trying to build an universal application with Xcode 4. However, it seems a little different from past versions. My project utilizes the View Based Application template. My issue is that I added a UIViewController subclass which has one nib file for iPad. How do I create another nib file with the same class […]

Is there a barcode scanner SDK that works with iPad 2?

Is there a barcode scanner SDK that works with iPad 2? I’ve tried RedLaser 3.0 (I have an account through them) and they don’t have native iPad 2 app support… only iPhone apps run on the iPad 2 work. I also tried an iPad 2 hack of ZBar (open source) and although it works, it […]

How to make an ipad app only portrait?

I am making an ipad app, and i set the the app to only portrait, but it still works in landscape? Why is this happening only on an ipad? How do i fix this? Note: if the answer is in code, please write it in swift.

Not sure how to properly subclass UIApplication while using storyboards

I want to return to my storyboard’s initial viewcontroller after X time of user inactivity (no touch events fired). After some research I see that the most common way of detecting inactivity is to fire an NSTimer and reset the interval when an event is fired. To detect a fired event, we override [UIApplication sentEvent:] […]

Connect to MySQL directly from an iPad app (not via PHP, etc.)

Before anyone has a chance: Yes, i know it’s a bad idea. Please, don’t give me a lecture on how i should use a web service instead. Thanks. So, how could this be done? I found this bit http://www.karlkraft.com/index.php/2010/09/17/mysql-for-iphone-and-osx/ and thought it might do the trick. I got a bunch of ARC error messages, cleaned […]

CoreData application directory crashes on iOS3

I have nearly finished my application that works well on iOS4, however when loading it into the 3.2 simulator it crashes with.. 2010-12-21 07:54:32.052 App[14044:207] *** -[NSPathStore2 URLByAppendingPathComponent:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x4d2b640 2010-12-21 07:54:32.054 App[14044:207] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[NSPathStore2 URLByAppendingPathComponent:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x4d2b640’ […]

Remove ability for portrait orientation for app in iPhone SDK

Is there a way where I can only allow my app viewable in landscape mode? I’ve managed to default the application’s orientation to landscape, however in the iPad simulator, when I do Command->Arrow, the application rotates to portrait. I’ve removed the listings in the plist under “Supported interface orientations” for both of the Portrait entries, […]