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UIImagePickerController crash only on iOS 7 – iPad

I’m getting hundreds of crashes from one of my live apps ever since people started upgrading to iOS 7. Has anyone else seen this problem? Nothing reproduces on my iPad 3 with iOS 7… Link to Crashlytics: crashes.to/s/edf2e71d9a5 Fatal Exception CALayerInvalidGeometry CALayer position contains NaN: [nan nan] 0 … CoreFoundation __exceptionPreprocess + 130 2 CoreFoundation […]

Network Activity Monitoring on iPhone

I’ve been working for 5 days trying to learn and implement Network monitor on the iPhone. I looked into netstat code from apple, and i lost like 25% of my hair. I found links for JB Devices but i need it to execute on a non JB device. (Irrespective of whether Apple accepts it on […]

iOS: Programmatically add custom font during runtime

I would like to allow my application users to use their own fonts in the app, by copying them inside the Documents directory (through iTunes). However, I can’t find a way to use custom fonts in this way, since the right way to do it depends on using the UIAppFonts key in the app’s Info.plist. […]

Transition to iOS 7: correct viewport setting for jQuery/iPhone Webapps viewed on iPads

We have an app with essentially one UIWebView which is set to “iPhone App” in XCode. Until now all worked fine, but using the iOS 7 iPad Simulator the App now appears in “Full Screen” immediately, which would not be the problem, but the WebView also appears to be zoomed in. I only see the […]

make UIView in UIScrollView stick to the top when scrolled up

So in a UITableView when you have sections the section view sticks to the top until the next section overlaps it and then it replaces it on top. I want to have a similar effect, where basically I have a UIView in my UIScrollView, representing the sections UIView and when it hits the top.. I […]

creating border for uitableview

Hi i already raised this question and one more time am asking coz the issue hadnot solved yet,even though i am searching for it.actually am using a uitableview and scrollview in a uiview here the problem is i couldnot set a border for table or scrollview please try to help me in this matter.thx in […]

UIPopover How do I make a popover with buttons like this?

I’m wondering how I can create a popover with buttons like this. ANSWER: UIActionSheet * actionSheet = [[UIActionSheet alloc] initWithTitle: nil delegate: self cancelButtonTitle: nil destructiveButtonTitle: nil otherButtonTitles: @”Take Photo”, @”Choose Existing Photo”, nil]; [actionSheet showFromRect: button.frame inView: button.superview animated: YES]; Somewhere else in your delegated object class… -(void)actionSheet:(UIActionSheet *)actionSheet clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex { if (buttonIndex == […]

How do I programmatically set the Return Key for a particular UITextField?

I can’t believe that this question hasn’t been asked yet, but I have been unable to find it so that is my assumption. I have created custom UITableViewCell subclasses using Interface Builder. These each contain a UILabel and a UITextField and are used for our login screen. On the first UITextField, I want the Keyboard […]

Call history, SMS history, Email history in iOS

This question already has an answer here: iPhone call log / history 3 answers

Move UIScrollView when keyboard comes into place

[Edit:] The problem has been solved. I did not have my delegates linked properly in UIBuilder. Code is good! I am trying to resize a scrollview when the keyboard appears. I went to the developer docs and found this information. http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/StringsTextFonts/Conceptual/TextAndWebiPhoneOS/KeyboardManagement/KeyboardManagement.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40009542-CH5-SW1 On the left “Managing the keyboard”. In the documentation it shows a bit of […]