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How do I slide – animate a UITableView in a view

I want to slide a UITableVIew into a view (NOT by pushing the view on top of Navigation Controller) on click of a button and then hide it back by sliding , on clicking of the same button. I want the tableView to slide inside a present view.

How can i download photos by order of cells in UITableView with dispatch_async?

I have a UITableView that has photos, i get these photos from URLs and i use the block for downloading these photo asynchronously, and i want these photos be downloaded by order of the cells in the UITableView? // Download the images from the review of the businesses and put them into the “imageArray” dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue(DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_HIGH, […]

UIWebView scaling page so that there is no need for horizontal scrolling

Is there a way to scale a web page in a UIWebView that maintains the aspect ratio but alleviates the need to scroll horizontally to read an article, for example. Vertical scrolling is fine, I just don’t want the user to have to constantly be scrolling back and forth horizontally to read each line of […]

Programatically Control UIScrollView

Is there a method of programatically controlling a UIScrollView? As in, getting a value for its location, so how far along it is scrolled and things and change its position, scroll it programatically? Hope you can help, thanks.

Circular Rotation Of five buttons maintaining equal distance

I want to rotate five buttons on the circumference of an circle (circle with the center (120,120), which is actually center of square view i.e. 240*240) with radius 100. IS it possible to do so, with having interaction with the buttons which are rotating and a proper look. i have tried ‘ x = round(cx […]

Using container view as a Dashboard

i have used container view on the right side and i used another view controller as a child view controller to this container view. i want to change the data appearing in that container view. FYI i m loading the EKEventViewController in that container view. So obviously the tableview contains the events from the calendar. […]

How can I supersede the built-in swipe gesture recognizer in UICollectionView?

We’re building an app that takes advantage of the new UICollectionView in iOS 6. However, we need to implement a long-press behavior such that even if the user then moves their finger after, we want it ignored. i.e. User touches the screen than instantly moves -> Swipe User touches the screen, pauses, then moves -> […]

Custom Keyboard Set Cursor Position

I have a text field tapping on which a custom keyboard appears containing numbers 0-9 and a backspace button. I’m able to delete text at the end as well as from middle of string. But when i delete text from somewhere middle, the cursor jumps to end position. I want cursor to remain at same […]

Attempting to draw image on top of another image using a touch event

in my application, I have a view named mainvie – when the application runs, mainview is loaded which loads a background image onto the screen ( code below) ring_large.jpg has been added as a file. – (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect { UIImage *image = [UIImage imageNamed:@”rink_large.jpg”]; CGPoint imagepoint = CGPointMake(10,0); [image drawAtPoint:imagepoint]; } This works fine, it is […]

Displaying very large images on the iPad

I need to display some very large images on the iPad. The files are jpgs and are about 6700×2700 (maps). Is there any way around loading the entire image into memory? Currently I load it int a scroll view for zooming/panning. The images are stored locally on the device.