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Get Exif data from UIImage – UIImagePickerController

This question already has an answer here: UIImagePickerController and extracting EXIF data from existing photos 18 answers

Bold & Non-Bold Text In A Single UILabel?

How would it be possible to include both bold and non-bold text in a uiLabel? I’d rather not use a UIWebView.. I’ve also read this may be possible using NSAttributedString but I have no idea how to use that. Any ideas? Apple achieves this in several of their apps; Examples Screenshot: Thanks! – Dom

Proper way to exit iPhone application?

I am programming an iPhone app, and I need to force it to exit due to certain user actions. After cleaning up memory the app allocated, what’s the appropriate method to call to terminate the application?

How to make a application with target is iPhone/iPad

I want to make a application which can run complete in iPhone and iPad (full mode, not x2 mode). Please help me. Thank in advance! I found down a config called “Targeted Device Family”, but I still don’t know what about design (for iPhone, iPad), how to show UI if device is iPhone, how to […]

keyboard hides textfield for different orientation in ipad

In my iPad application, I have few textView and textField’s. When I click on textField, the keyboard covers the textField. So I am implementing the below code to move the textview up. But on rotation to portraitUpsideDown its not working fine. It slides the screen down in opposite direction. So how do I solve this […]

How do I add a custom view to iPhone app's UI?

I’m diving into iPad development and I’m still learning how everything works together. I understand how to add standard view (i.e. buttons, tableviews, datepicker, etc.) to my UI using both Xcode and Interface Builder, but now I’m trying to add a custom calendar control (TapkuLibrary) to the left window in my UISplitView application which doesn’t […]

When I click the back button my view changes from landscape to portrait

I am using storyboard and have my app set to be only horizontal left and right. I have a view controller where I click to go to my next view and do whatever, and when I am done I click the back button. What happens is when I click the back button the horizontal view […]

Next Item in Plist Button

Hey guys, i have a simple app just a load of images in one image view. Each is just included in a plist file and called when a cell is selected in popover window. All i want is a button with an action to get next item in plist and display in the image window. […]

how can I send vCard through sms message in code?

how can I send vCards through sms message in code ? I want to build the vCard in code and send it in MFMessageComposeViewController.

ios custom NSObject casting

If I have a custom NSObject called Human which has a subclass called Male and I have an array called humans containing Human objects. When iterating over the humans array can I cast the object such as: for (Human *human in humans) { Male *male = (Male *)human; } or is it better to create […]