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Integrate MGSplitViewController in Universal App

I’m trying to make a universal app for iPhone and iPad using MGSplitViewController. I’m going to start with a window based template (empty) but not sure how to integrate MGSplitView. The reference project is not good for me becouse it’s only for iPad. Does anyone know where to start? Any Tutorial? Thanks.

Landscape vs. Portrait background image in Asset Catalog

I have a use case that seems to fall into the cracks between asset catalogs and size classes. My Universal app needs a full screen background image that is different in Landscape and Portrait orientations, and Landscape is only supported for the iPad & iPhone 6. Since I can’t add landscape images to the asset […]

Ineligible device iPad Air2 on Xcode 6.0?

This question already has an answer here: Ineligible Devices section appeared in Xcode 6.x.x 32 answers

iPad App Portrait Only?

My app is entirely designed for IOS6. I use an xib for the iPhone and another one for the iPad. My AppDelegate sets up a TabBarController, though there is no class for the TabBarController itself. The TabBarController has two tab items, 1 a NavigationController, and 1 a View Controller, each of which has its own […]

Is there a way to open my application on a specific tab upon receiving a push notification?

Is there a way to open my application on a specific tab upon receiving a push notification?

How to manually send UIKeyboard notification

I have few uitextfields in my ui where keyboard will overlaps few of the uitextfields which are at bottom of my screen, to handle this i have implemented UIKeyboard notifications like – (void)keyboardWasShown:(NSNotification*)aNotification – (void)keyboardWillBeHidden:(NSNotification*)aNotification and my uitextfields keyboard returnKeyType is UIReturnKeyNext so when ever user taps on Next button i’m making my next textfield […]

adding image to a button in other View

In my app i have two view controllers and have table view in both.Both table view have certain button showing certain images .Now i am trying to set a new image to a button in view B through view A using UIPopOverController.for this i created an object of class B and then done like this. […]

Target iOS Level with Xcode for Backward Compatability

I did a search here already, and haven’t found a clear answer to my question, so I thought the time was right to post. I have an iOS application that was developed using Xcode 3.2 and SDK 4.2. When I built the bundle, I targeted iOS 3, so that people running older iPhones (like my […]

Xcode 4 and iPad2 splash screen issue

Thank you for reading this. I created a brand new project in Xcode 4 (Window based kind) and tried to get the splash screens working. If I click on the blue icon of my project (top of the project hierarchy) and then click on “Target/Project”, I see that I can drag and drop two launch […]

overall bytes in Xcode Instruments reaches 1 GB is that ok?

Here is my question. I tried to check my allocation part using Instruments in xcode. I am doing some image crop Application using CGImageSourceCreateThumbnailAtIndex for processing the images. while doing the process it is taking to much memory and i released it in right manner. In Instruments the live bytes is 1.56Mb , #living = […]